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November 08, 2006


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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*hums "Muskrat Love" in the background*

Hooray! FIRST!

Muskrat Lovely WBAGNFARB

*hums along with Ducky*

on an OFF TOPIC note:

Another great date movie - Borat

Equally offensive to all and hysterically funny!!!

Each girl reveals what she thinks makes her feel most glamorous: tanning, horseback riding, even sleeping.

So, anybody know anyone who's more glamourous when s/he's not talking or looking at you?

more sites like this...Polka Time
These people know how to PARTY!!!!

It's as my brother always says, "What make a person look more beautiful than holding a knife and skinning a muskrat?"

Sorry, I'm nutria on this subject

Rats, Phil

"A young girl's journey from Milan to Mink."

Who sez there's no hope for the human race?

Does the pageant winner get a crown, or does she have to wear the skinned muskrat on her head? (eeewww, visions of Carrie.

*snork* @ Annie

"A young girl's journey from Milan to Mink."

Annie was that Mink or Minsk?

Where's Toni Tennille when you really need her?

Toni's in Muskrat Land, doin' the jitterbug.

Thanks, Lisa. Please translate for Jeff. He otter know better.

"Each girl reveals what she thinks makes her feel most glamorous: tanning, horseback riding, even sleeping."

Quite an ambitious bunch there, wouldn't you say?

The loser was sad but stopped herself from crying after three muskrat tears.

That reminds me - when is this year's Miss Beaver pageant again?

stevie - you missed it by nearly six years - please note - it has been moved from its previous site, the Hot Dam Trailer Park Social Room and Laundromat...

What I almost missed was that the letters "it" were in blue. I don't want to know what you were doing around those pages. NTTAWWT.

just googling to keep you happy, sir. Plus who could resist the temptations of 'Hot Dam Trailer Park Social Room and Laundromat?'

Hot dam, THAT part I thought you made up! Now I see otherwise. I told you I don't read 'em.

I'll try and turn over a new leaf.

"just googling to keep you happy, sir."

You might not say that if you knew what "googling" was slang for before the advent of the internet.

But I do appreciate the thought. Yea, verily.

"Get muskrat recipes and watch a skinning competition >>"


Hrm... that was easier than I thought. Moving on.

"Tonight's pageant queen is lovely Greta Jones. Take a bow, Greta. Wait, what's that muskrat doing with Greta's crown on? And for that matter, where is Greta? ...er, Greta? ...OH MY GOD, Greta's been skinned!"

Just goes to show ya - there's more than one way to skin a muskrat.

Not really on topic, but kinda sorta....

Yesterday on my way home from work, I passed a truck proudly displaying the fact that it was the Busy Beaver Landscaping truck. I wonder if they get any requests to trim hedges? I thought of all of you and wished there was a way to take a picture. Unfortunately, I was doin 80 mph on the interstate and didnt think it was safe to snap a pic.

"More than just a story about a small town beauty pageant at a muskrat skinning competition, this ironic and tender look at an Eastern shore community captures both the feminine glamour of the beauty pageant and highlights of the fast-paced local sporting tradition."

Now there's the kind of sentence you don't see every day.

On the one hand, I'm sure the reporter, while toiling away in journalism school dreamed of someday writing sentences somewhat along those lines.

Just without the 'muskrat skinning' part.

I thought muskrat was an aftershave.

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