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November 24, 2006


There was an incident at the Miami Herald building today, but as far as I can tell everybody is OK.

UPDATE: Apparently the guy is still inside. They've evacuated the building.

UPDATE: TV is reporting that the guy has been taken into custody.


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Wow. Glad everyone is okay. I must admit that I too thought it a joke when I first started reading.

Good heavens, Dave. Do be careful in there.

Man, I hate it when cartoonists freak out like that! Seriously though, glad y'all are okay! Holy Hell, he must have had one bad Thanksgiving with the family. It'll do that to ya.

Well, Dave I am listening to the news as we speak. I hope everything turns out okay. The news reports that they don't quite know the motive yet.

Dave, as it appears the situation is still ongoing...I hope everything ends peacefully with no one getting hurt!

If the guy holes himself up in there, we know which former Herald columnist can suggest just the right earwigs to blare the guy into submission. (Sorry).

Glad you and yours are okay, Dave. I just this moment heard about it on the news. It sounds like it's not over...

Some more information, for those who can read Spanish. What I can glean from it, Varela may be armed with a submachine gun, rather than a pistol, and he seems to have a specific grudge against the director of El Neuvo Herald...

Dave please keep us updated.
We are worried about you.

'tis the season.


The caricaturist Jose Varela is intrenched in the writing of the New Herald, armed with a knife and what it seems to be a submachine gun, employees of the newspaper said. The writing has been evacuated. There are reports of no wounded. "you are speaking with the new director of the newspaper, and I am here for unmasking the true conflicts of the newspaper. Here they make fun of of the exiliados ones, are problems with the payment... "said the caricaturist in telephone conversation with a reporter of the New Herald. "Your you know that the newspaper lasts little today, this problemita finished already, this is one pocilga and somebody must pay, somebody must do it, because this is going to be like cleaning the m... It is sufficient time since they are making fun of of people, today are going it to see like a violence. But somebody must pay and that is going to be [ Humberto director ] Castelló ", added to 11:43 a.m. The caricaturist entered the writing on the 10:40 a.m. dressed military uniform of camouflage and after maintaining an angry discussion with one of the photography publishers, she went to the office of the director, then empty. "When entering it removed the weapon and it began to hurl things to the floor and to say" that to somebody tapeworm that to pay what it is happening. I was speaking on the telephone, hung, took refuge in the bath ", said Short the Alejandra reporter. For minutes the tactical equipment of the police has been beginning to surround the building. And one hopes that the negotiations begin soon. Wait for more information

(Praying intensely for Friends at the Herald,) I just turned on the TV, first since Thanksgiving.....

Hope you are somewhere else!!

Need my Haldol Dart Gun????Wish I could Email it...

EB...Lord, hear our Prayer!

Nowhere is safe. Can somebody please direct me to nowhere?

You're pretty close to it up there, Punkin. :-P

I don't think that anyone's much accused Miami of being safe, though.

Wow, Dave and Judi, my thoughts and prayers go to all the staff there. Somehow "Hermit" is becoming a really attractive career option.

Head to the mall,y'all.....Don't make Friday Black...

When Dave said it was`a "Third world Country" down there, he wasn't kidding..

EB. Glued to the Tube..

CH - I never used to be scared. Then I had kids. You have no idea what a life is worth until then.

Anyone wanna come to Nowhere land NOW??

These days, it's not so bad, and Global warming HELPS us!


No kidding, Punkin.

CNN ---- "Possibly Mentally Ill individual???

Do ya THINK!!!!

Right with ya, Punkin', how life does change...

*crawls into closet, surrounds self w/ sandbags & sucks her thumb*

(not a good week around here - did I mention my car was hit by a car on wednesday?????????)

*zips out of closet momentarily to get rum bottle, resumes sucking thumb and rocking*

Mix Miami, Cocaine, banking industry,immigration, illegal immigration,Stress, Tourists from H***, and you get

... a guy with a gun....


I guess he just drew one too many postal workers.

Keep talking to us Dave (after you keep talking to Mrs Blog, of course).

'nother piece of rum cake, punkin?


Uh, I think I may need longer arms.

Wow. I'm in Miami and can't find this on the news anywhere. Is it over?

CNN was just there... But you never know what's going on inside, it's in the province of the police now, and keep our noses out of it...

I thought going to Iraq was supposed to PREVENT terrorism in America.

Try not to laugh,


It's on MSNBC every few minutes....

On the news now with an update. Building employees have been evacuated, armed guy still inside.

This is not going to end well, I fear.

the best outcome would be one man out with his hands up...

I fear a suicide.....as I listen to the news. machine gun with a laser sight, is that true??


OMG, I hope he doesn't have a nuclear bomb and a toad! But as we all know, Dave will come to the rescue in the end with only seconds to spare!

"They've evacuated the building..." that includes Dave Barry, right? RIGHT???

shoot him in the thigh!

I'm not there, and neither is judi.

Uh oh, they're setting up a perimeter....

Thanks for the update, Dave. Hope everyone else comes out okay, as well.

Um ..... whoa. Just tuned in to this.

Glad to hear you and Judi are outta there, Dave. Sounds like another opportunity for giving thanks, although I suspect it may not be for that guy......

Glad we finally invoked Jack Bauer...seems appropriate.

Hoping hard that this story ends as an amusing anecdote...

I blame Thanksgiving. And likley his MIL.

Technology being what it is, I suspected, as Dave confirmed, that a lot of people can "work" from home or other locations and not need to physically be in the building. Technology also being what it is, it is fascinating (at least to me) that for a bit, Herald reporters or staff were reporting on it in real time from within the building. Odd - my 8th grader was telling me last night that he thought it was dumb, when in computer class the teacher asked, "How do we benefit from the internet?" some kids gave answers regarding the ability to report out (like with instant messaging, the teen-age revolution) if you have an emergency like a burglar or an injury.

All it takes is too much stimulant medication (drug)

Not that that is News in the Miami Dade area.....

Oh man I just saw the story and I am glad to here everyone is ok. I just pray this ends without anyone getting hurt.

He can always use the "my MIL drove me to it" defense...it's all the rage this year.

*brings laptop into closet to stay up to date*

Went to MSNBC.com to check out the story, and found this link on their main page: "Miami Herald emptied over gunman".


(I'm afraid I'm going to sound like I'm trying to be funny here,and I'm not, but here it goes anyway:) When I saw the headline, I automatically thought it would be one of the "open the barn door"-type letter writers looking for an editor. Glad you're outta there.

*WISHES Herald was under attack from squirrels - they don't seem so bad now*

*brings laptop into closet to stay up to date*

Funny. Nobody believes me when I give that explanation for locking myself in the closet with the laptop.

If this guy has a beef with an editor, why doesn't he just kick in the computer monitor?

He can become a legend, and Dave,twice a prophet...

Thanks for the update, Dave. That mighty wind you hear is not a hurricane; it is a sigh of relief from all parts of the country.

the first time i heard of the internet being used in that way, was during the coup that backfired on the Communists and ultimately led to Yeltsin taking over, people inside buildings in Moscow were e-mailing out that there were tanks aimed at them and so forth.
of course, there are lower-tech ways of news-gathering too, i work in what i think of a small town but which actually the 2nd largest city in WV., many years ago, the Mrs. was recognized for her work as a volunteer in schools, she was to get her picture in the paper. On the way into town, on the interstate, we saw traffic blocked the other way and there had been an accident. After the Mrs.' picture was taken, we offhandedly mentioned this to a newspaper person. They became all interested and asked all sorts of questions about the accident. The next day, the Mrs. was quoted in a story about the accident, they even used the picture (with her big grin) that was going to go with the other story!
So the newspapers motto should be "Reporters? We don't need no steenking reporters!" or "Stop by and tell us what's happening in the outside world!"

*just filling time... hope everything works out*

A chemical plant in Mass. exploded wednesday, on the next street over from where my Dad lived until recently. I saw aerial shots of his former bldg. Every window blown out, roof off....if it had been 9 months ago, would my Dad have been hurt / killed???? It doesn't matter if you're at work or at home or in your car or a bank etc., you can never be completely, 100% safe.

But that's what makes us humans appreciate every scrap of fun & beauty in the world - cuz it could all be gone tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

*thankful for everything and everyone I have*

Fox News is only showing this news story, as I type. Man, I go away for a few hours to make chicken enchiladas and the world falls apart! I'm gonna stay right here at the computer with my beer until everything rights itself. (And I agree with Cheryl about th gunman's MIL. I'm sure she plays a role...)

*ditto CH*

Chicken enchiladas! My fav!
*runs to mail box to check for dinner invitation*

*zips in*


I was looking forward to a nice, quiet, vacation day...... free from Nuts, Fruits,and Flakes,Drunks, or Tweakers...

Just stay away from the Granola.....

You're more than welcome, Cheryl. I made over a hunnert o'them damn things, now I'm further from hungry than I was when I woke up, and that's saying something! Bring beer!

EB--A hundred of them?! Fiesta at the bali residence? Isn't that the case, cook all day and lose your appetite? I'm always good for beer!

Gunman in Custody....Bring on the Chicken Enchilada's, Baligurl!

Dave updates saying that TV is reporting guy is in custody. Thank heavens.

You have to admit this is a lede you don't see every day:


MIAMI -- A gun-wielding cartoonist dressed in camouflage entered The Miami Herald's building and demanded to speak with an editor Friday, prompting an evacuation of employees, police said.

[. . .]

YAY! Enchiada Celebration! (I was making'em for the tailgate tomorrow at the OU/OSU game, but heck, let'em eat cake!

Woo hoo! Everyone okay? All fingers n toes present and accounted for?

.. and his 15 minutes of Fame are Over... until the Terroristic Threats, illegal weapons charge, trial. Don't put this guy on the Tube, folks, please

*sends big pan of enchiladas to Dave and fam* Glad it's over and everyone's safe! (PS Cheryl has the beer!)

Enchiladas at bali's!!! I'll bring a keg or two of homebrew! :-D

*peeks out of closet*

Is it ok to come out, now?

The web add for Miami and it's Beaches, is, well, a little mistimed....

*back hurts from spending most of past 24 hrs in fetal position*

*breathes huge sigh of relief*

I feel it necessary to point out that Barry Manilow was on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade yesterday, and now this.



*hoping that Christmas will be anti-climatic*

Punkin, did you drink all the rum? I have a bottle of Cap'n Morgan I was rat-holin', but happy to share, considering the events of the day!

Thanks, bali, but I have Baby Poo here now, and must be all sober and responsible and stuff.

Knife or gun?
Pistol or AK?
Newsroom or editor's office?

Endless choices

bali--we have a UO/OSU game here at high noon. Close enough? *thinks the aroma of balis enchildas made gunman surrender*

Okay, Poo, here's some iced animal cookies. Sugar is Our Friend.

A Holiday Haiku:

Feeling all naseous,
Gunmen and crazy in-laws.
Happy Holidays?

Are you kidding, Cheryl? Any excuse for a tailgate! Hope you like your 'ladas spicey!

Thank God that is over now can we please get a booger post to help put the uglyness behind us.

Punkin', I feel the need to cross stitch a sampler for the living room of that haiku. May I?

Be my guest! *tosses bali some cross-stitch floss*

Punkin, it is times like this when we can look at our little ones (or g. little ones)and promise ourselves that we will never ever be evil MILs. (And to never forget where we stashed the rum)

Ya know, there are some days weeks when you just know how your crazy neighborhood cat-lady got that way.

*peeks out of closet*

Shut the damm door!!

The news said the guy was upset because he was censored by the newspaper. Well, dang, I guess now he is censored, fired, and in jail.

bali--no kidding. Beavers vs the Ducks.

And I love me some spicy enchilda's! In fact, I like just about anything spicy. We deep fried a turkey yesterday that we'd injected with some creole blend. Puts some real heat on it I tell you.

Yeah, not the brightest response to whatever perceived slight might have been committed against him.

After reviewing some of his cartoons on the Herald link I think he was lucky to be even be printed. Not nearly the talent of other Herald employees that we know.

I personally have witnessed Dave draw a bird. It was definitely, uh, recognizable.

After reviewing some of his cartoons on the Herald link I think he was lucky to be even be printed.
Right now I think he's lucky to be alive.

Editorial cartoonists are not necessarily chosen for their artistic skills, as mush as for their skills in political satire and commentary in the medium of the editorial cartoon.

My command of Spanish is insufficient to offer an assessment of Varela's skills in these regards, but one may assume that he was at least competent.

Amen to that, stevie - I've got to think that any time one goes into situation and threatens the use of deadly force, it's more likely to end in violence than not.

Somebody on the Miami police force earned their keep today.

cartoonists just have no sense of humor.

holiday haiku:

snowflakes are dancing
creating serene landscape
i hope my car starts

they come now in droves
in-laws, nieces and nephews
fetch me my mallet

the perfect turkey
serve cold with gin and olives
watching letterman

To paraphrase Cindy Adams, Only in Miami, only in Miami.

Am grateful you and yours are all ok.

CH--think someone can use competency to counter a likely insanity defense? Nah, it'll never work.

Me, I'm a Non Sequitur fan.

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