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November 27, 2006


Here's the TV version, with video, including action footage of me and a TV personality playing the Butt-Head Game. Journalism: It is my life.


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Let me be the FIRST to add that to my Xmas list...

Wow, I'm impressed. Dave's gift guide is sponsored, and by Lexus of Kendall no less.

Two thumbs up!

instead of the velcro hats and the head-popping marie doll, can i just have one of those Lexus' in either, well, i'm not picky, any color will be just fine. thank you.

So the Butt-Head game, is kind of like Nerd Paintball?

Well done, Dave!

You looked great in the video!

since I'm at work I could only watch the video without the audio. can someone provide a transcript for me?

I so want the stupid hat game!

Trillian, the dialogue is pretty much the same as the article...:)

I would so love to give the Butt Head game to Barry Manilow!

I will buy ANOTHER one of your books and send it to PH. She can't read, but she may be able to look at the pics.

awesome! It's so nice to have a computer today that I can watch - and hear - videos on.

The toilet monster would not help potty training small children.

Journalism is Dave's life? All this time I thought beer was Dave's life.

Cutline under photo of Dave Barry: Dave Barry's warped sense of humor has prodiced a holiday gift guide which can help fill out your shopping list, if you dare.


The interviewer's speaking skills are only marginally better than her spelling ... merely sayin' ...

I noticed 1 "it's" that should have been "its" in the article. Dave Barry would never do that (except as Mr. Language Person).

Good video, Dave!

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