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November 14, 2006


Radio Snakes


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So if I understand the plan correctly, the female snakes will be posing as prostitutes, and when the John tries to close the deal, the cops will come and arrest him.

The 'Oldest Profession' claims another species.

No - the females are grass snakes.
(Does that work in American?)

So the Hooker Snakes are in it for the money, so they can buy grass?

Snake on pot: "SSssssssay, dude? Could you passsssss me another moussssssssssssssse?"

hmmm...ssssslimy Mata Hari type sssssssnakes...I like...

Judas Animal and the Radio Snakes W*also*BAGNFARB

I feared the 'grass snake' thing wouldn't play in the US. In England, a 'grass' is a police informer.

Dr A, it still works, just with a slightly different interpretation.

idly wonders if grass snakes wear grass skirts.

"Proliferation of Pythons" has a certain ring to it as well.

*taps screen*

mud??? *ahem*

Video killed the radio snakes.


holy crap, said cut me some slack
now i gotta do another rap 'bout a snake up in my crack
this situations wack, wish i could take it back
thought i could crack his back like a straw on a camel now i'm spinning to his tune like dorothy hammel - here's the lesson don't be messin' with the blog the or S.B. thier method is a madness yo check it out you'll see

M to the U-D, S-T and U see, double F, I-N (what?) start again, said
M to the U-D, S-T and U see, double F, I-N (scratch, crotch grab)

you know i thought that if wrote about a subject so disgustin that the blog and S.B. would stop the snake posts - bustin' rhymes, filth, i was so disgusting that they fought back - a snake attack and my tail got busted now i'm stuck - honor bound - to keep the poems going - never thought i'd see the day that i would keep a cyber snake for fear of a worser shame but that's where it's coz y'all know my name

M to the U-D, S-T and U see, double F, I-N (what?) start again, said
M to the U-D, S-T and U see, double F, I-N (scratch, crotch grab)

Dr Acula - informers in the USA are known as pigeons.

I think they should name the female snake squadron The Delilahs.


yo! mud! i'm feelin' it dawg. you da man!

I thought they were known as rats.

Isn't this kind of like a female K-Fed without the video?

psst - diane, I'm a dude.

Are you also the snake, Mudstuffin?

Holy sh!t! I had no idea there were snakes that big in America. I approve of this measure taken.

*tries to think of a joke involving rats and snakes... snake rats... snakes ratting on snakes...*

hmmm. No more work will be done today I can see..

"Good afternoon. I'm attorney Lenroll, with the firm Snake, Rat, Lenroll." *OK, that was just bad.*

Sadly it took me a moment to get that, and then I laughed.

Paula Python:Pssst! Is ssshe a cobra?
Annie Conda: No. Sssshe's wearing a wire.
Paula Python:An underwire? What a sssskank!
Annie Conda:Isn't it obvioussss? Sssshe went to Miami Beach and had sssome work done.

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