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November 15, 2006


The Blog has written a new book! He will be talking about it live at 7:35 a.m. EST Thursday on the Jim Defede show, as well as a plethora of other radio shows (at other times, you little smart-alecks). Check your local listings.


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First! And Mr. Defede needs to cut back on the cigars and the ho-hos.

THE Jim Defede?

ok, ok, ok. I'll buy the book! (was gonna anyway) but how do I get it signed?

Take a pen and write your name in it?

What book?

HEY! how come we never heard about this new book??? I demand to know why!

Wow, judi, you're blogging late today . . . are you attempting to avoid the shrieks of "Why didn't we know about this ahead of time" tomorrow morning? :)

Wyo, buy it...send it to me before saturday and I'll get it signed ;-)

*getting one for Cheryl*

I thot Dave was a Rock Star.....when did he fancy hisself as a "writer"?

I went down to the local jail bookstore and did my mandatory check-in civic duty today, and found bought TWO of Dave's books today, both in the trash hardcover.

I think everyone should ingratiate themselves and buy a couple of bottles of beer Dave's books too.

From what I've seen, they're high quality and contain most letters of the alphabet in various orders, actually forming what writer's refer to as "words", "sentences", and a few "paragraphs". There is also a wide variety of punctuation.

If you're looking for some books with those types of things in them, these are the books for you.

By the by....when is Dave coming out with a new book? It's been, what, 2 days now?

Jazzzie, I think Sophie actually wrote it (she's pretty smart and extremely imaginative). Dave is probably too shy to let us know. It may involve unicorn poop.

That explains the use of multi-syllable words.

I didn't know John Candy had a younger brother.


*notices stevie w didn't say "little" brother*

Steve, it's amazing (HAR!) what writers can do with letters these days! words?? entire sentences?? paragraphs?

Steve - I'm looking for a book that features a Rolodex as part of the story. I don't suppose you happened upon any books featuring those while you were drug tested browsing, did you?

*still waiting for stevie to 'splain' the John Candy reference*

Siouxie....look at the picture of Mr.Defede


duh! I shoulda looked earlier! thanks Jazzzzie!!

We report, you decide.

I got it I got it! LOL

muchas gracias El Meanie Azul!

well I'm sadden to report that I did NOT win the FL Lotto tonight. Therefore I won't be able to invite the bloglits to Miami this weekend. I will, however, make it to the free book signing (did you all know Dave has a new book out???) and free RBRs concert.

Looks like they decided - my John Candy link is no more.

I'm confused! Dave writes BOOKS?? I thought he worked for the FAA or at least Homeland Security.

I gotta get out more!

Let me suggest something - if a certain writer comes out with, for instance, a new book, then perhaps that same writer blog-strumpets, or 'blumpets', his book EXCESSIVELY, for each offense, we as bloggers respond with the innocuous question: "I'd LOVE to purchase a new tome, but how in the world might I get the esteemed author to sign it?"

Well folks...I'm off to bed.

Good night all...sweet dreams ;)

You pay them...
Think of what Dave's autograph will be worth someday!!

Thank you for 'splainin', jazzzz.

Btw, it's probably too late for an update on the Jesus doll thread, but it looks like the USMC has reversed itself and decided to accept the injection-molded images after all.

Oh come on Dave. That book is not new. It's been over two weekls since you wrote the darn thing. It's time to write something else.

John Candy was much handsomer. Especially in the pink boa.

oooo is Judi's snake fascination catching?


I don't care if it rains or freezes,
Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Ridin' on the dashboard of my car!

How about:

Drop kick me Jesus through the goalposts of life.

Thank you, Rev. Annie Sol Where-But-Heregus!

Friends,.......[insert plasphemy here]

surplus bees


Sales rank: 66? Geez, that's it? Will Dave even get a paycheck for writing this book?

I logged in at 7:35 so I tuned in. Apparrently, Dave wrote a book. And said the Remainders are recruiting. I wrote a letter to Ms. Manners once...

I'm still waiting for my copy of the Blog's book...

What's a book?

Yes, Suzy Q, it is indeed true. I think it must have come out yesterday, because that was the first I heard of it.

You'd think that they'd have some kind of publicity around this sort of thing. Appearances....SOMETHING.

Am I hearing this correctly? The Blog wrote a book? And it's for sale? How could this have escaped my attention?!

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