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November 29, 2006


According to body-language experts, when athletes lose, they act upset.


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no, really?

wonders what it means when they pat each other on the butt.

They can't be the FIRST to think of that!

wonders when the research on winning teams will start and what the findings will be. ooooooooooooh the suspense!

I always did wonder about that butt-patting bit. I always mention it and sexual harrassment suits to annoy my football loving husband. His only other fault is that I have been unable to addict him to this blog.

I for once, am shocked. I need to stop reading the Metro in the morning and read a real paper like the Times.

tammy, it's not harrassement if they welcome it... nttawwt.

My wife does not "Get" this blog either Nurse Tammy, what is really odd is that we have an almost identical sense of humor.

6-5 and "still" a shot at making the playoffs??? Give me a break. Overpaid weenies.

I just love football player's butts in their cute little football outfits. I'd like to "read" their body language in a braille kinda way IYKWIM. Yum

There was this guy in Miami that flipped the bird and is in real deep ca ca now. Can't remember who or what team. They all look alike with those helmets and cute butts ;-)

*hair flip*


"Well, Bob it's been an exciting game. Wait a minute! Was that...yes, yes #35 is crossing his arms! Hold on now, and there it is...a deep sigh from number 52!"


"OK, Bob #24 is making his move, he's back on the snap....aaaaaannnnnnddd.... he PATs # 21's backside. Wow, what technique! That's what ya call a tight end."

casey, I like how your mind works ;-)


JoG, same here - I read him comments and bits of the articles, he laughs, and then.... doesn't read the blog. I may eventually give up. Maybe a bit of reverse psychology is in order - my entertainment, mine, mine, ALL MINE!

Sx, great minds and all! LOL

Oh MY!! simul with Lisa and the tight end!

(Lisa and the Tight Ends wbagnfarb - imho)

*snork* @ siouxie!

Oh my... that was a three way simul... can all the tight ends handle US, dear ladies?

Totally off topic, but on perezhilton.com there can be found pictures of Twitney's, ahem, not-so-private-anymore parts. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

I reckoned Dave and Judi would want to know about that.

The excusereason usually given for the butt-slapping thing is that it's the only part of the player that isn't padded and can actually sense a slap.

I was looking for the part where they say $100,000 was spent on this study.

Yeah, some excuse. What's wrong with a hi-five?

poor excuse, you'll notice lots of unpadded arms out there on the field and who can't feel a tap on the helmet? but then, who can resist slapping a tight end?


Crap-cam Photos

pw = susy

must be time to go to work. I can't possibly win on this thread.

Multiple simuls, multiple partners... I must be feeling frisky this morning.

Ok..those are from last night folks. Good times again!

Dave, my daughter loved meeting you, finally!!! you had her rolling on the pew!!!

*missed ms. judi*

(hope her practice went well)

I dont know about you guys but the lady who conducted the study can examine my body any time.

Siouxie-Great pics! Thanks for posting them.

thanks, Lisa!

In other news, Bill Frist has done gone to Hebbin' . . .

Tonya Reiman and Maxine Lucille Fiel do not know much about football

Which qualifies them to comment upon it for the New York Times, which knows even less.

Great pix, Siouxie!

At24 - That's a pretty extreme case of dandruff the NYT gal has ... it's spewin' out in all directions ... wowser!

MKJ, I have viewed the Frist video and my diagnosis is that his political career is terminal.

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