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November 21, 2006


We report; you decide.

Key Quote: Place some of their waste in the tent to introduce them to its purpose.

Right! No problem!


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And if they make "Oh-what-a-cutie-pootie-pie" noises, they must be killed.

The dog in the picture to the left looks like he's been rolling in poo.

Or, show by example!

i had to introduce my dog to the "magic garden" we have...

Dog-Garden, Garden-Dog

hopefully he will leave his love affair with the couch...

wonder if it works with toddlers and guys over to watch the game?

problem is, you can never take your dog camping after you train them with this thing.

I'm very disappointed that the video example doesn't work!
I was going to show it to my dog so he would understand what the tent is for!

Real dogs don't mind getting wet.

What a lovely poem in the column on the left...

It's discriminatory against large dogs who don't care for wet feet.

My dogs are filing a class action suit as I type. This is America, after all.

The tent looks like a dog's wide open mouth...that can't be good.

Insane or crazy? What, we can't be both?

From the rolling quotes at the bottom "Poop tent has been a real godsend!"

Like I guess insulin, polio vaccination, air conditioning, etc, are just OK inventions compared to this.

My retired Greyhound racer thinks rain is something that will melt her flesh if it touches her, but she wouldn't be caught dead or stuffed using this.

*visions of poop tent blowing through the yard when the wind picks up*

Wouldn't this be a sort of litter box for dogs? Our cat has a lid over her box and, thank God, only goes in there... It would be a good thing for dogs and owners - they'd only have to clean up in one place, rather than all over the neighborhood...

It seems I already HAVE a poop tent. It's called a covered PATIO.

Blondentropy, I had the same thought -- most of the time, when the weather's bad enough that a dog with any self-respect would shrink from going outside to do its business, a "poop tent" is going to wind up being a "poop kite."

My downwind neighbors would NOT be amused, though their gardens might benefit.

Any dog to dainty to poop in the snow should be demoted from dog-dom.

Swapping a "too" for one of those "to"s above...

It'll never work. My dogs wouldn't fit in the tent.

When your dog has got to go
Protect him from the rain and snow.
A PoopTent is what you should buy
To keep your puppy clean and dry.

Now Rover won't have long to wait
When it's time to defecate.
Because our PoopTent's open door
Looks like a mean dog's monstrous maw.

Of course, the PoopTent will fill up
But that's no problem for your pup.
A neighborhood behemoth dog
Is sleeping soundly, like a log.

And Rover's learned to stick his tush
In Spot's mouth, and a little push
Lets Rover finish, wakes Spot up
Who clamps down hard on our sad pup.

So when Rover has to do his feces
He never should come home in pieces.
No, our PoopTent isn't the way to go
To protect him from the rain and snow.

... cross ventilation, through the door in front and a window at the back ...

... um ... that sounds more to me like "front-to-back" ventilation ... merely ... clarifyin' ...

*snork* at crossgirl and Nebbisk!

My dog wouldn't benefit from this either. Rain or no rain, tent or no tent, if he hears thunder, he would hold it in until he burst, rather than go outside.

Big, tough German Shepherd - NOT.

one of the customer plugs says 'it's a godsend!'

oy vey, the poor LORD doesn't want to take credit for that silly thing.

maybe this would work for pinky www.homegypsy.com

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