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November 16, 2006



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this is utterly amazing that I am first

A hanging cow is heavier than a hanging chad.

Udderly amazing Chaz

Good AM all!

This is what happens when guys, who are mechanically-challenged, try to be Mr. Fix-its.
Note to Austrian ski lift operators, please don't contract this guy during the season.

What is wrong with me that I'm feeling way sorrier for the cow than for the farmer?

Suspended cows? What kind of freaky bondage is this guy into?

artchick-"Bless the beasts and the children..."

i'm thinking this is a typical guy reaction. so what if lulu has a headache, mr. man wants to cop a feel.

LBFF i need some blessings for my beastly children.


I'm agreeing with artchick...poor Lulu and that guy got what he deserved..sheesh...leave the poor cow in peace.

Something kind of like that happened to me once in a bar in Kilgore.

Got wheelchair?

artchick & Sioux, moo too. I mean me moo. Antway, I had the same thought as you both, when I read the item.

Excuse my t. Give me a y somebody quick!!!

Here yyyyyya go.

Bless you, Meanie.

IANADF, but my understanding is that if you fail to milk a milch cow, you'll actually cause her a great deal of pain and suffering.

So let's take it easy on Mr. Dairy Farmer, hmm?

what about mensch cows? or mulch cows? or milf cows?

Okay, I went and asked Mr Artchick, who happens to be the editor of a magazine for the cattle industry, and he says that if the cow was that sick, you could actually milk it while it was laying on its side. Actually, he first said that most farmers would think it was time for the cow to go to the great pasture in the sky, but then he saw my face and went for the lying down option.

Also, I hope the farmer wasn't planning on selling the milk!

"Great pasture in the sky" = McDonald's, etc.

Reason #233,291 that I grind my own beef, thankyouverymuch.

You know I never worked on a farm, but I've seen pictures of a cow. And I would say it took about 5 seconds for me to think of both Mr. Artchick's options by myself.

Winching the cow up in the air? Now that one never occured to me. But next time, let's hope this guy need to milk his elephant.

was he using a winch or a wench?

I'll say it if nobody else will: That was a moooving story.

no bull!

Cruel farmer. He should have let her sleep it off on a mattress.


Is this where cottage cheese comes from?


How unfortunate that Lulu doesn't reside in NY, I imagine that she could benefit from a mattress.

Country Mooosic Award runner-up
I'm Lyin' Here in Traction 'cause I Couldn't Milk No Action from You
Children's song: Boom goes the Lulu

c'mon - insom'? mud?

Is anybody crying over ... wait .. for .. it ... spilled milk?

I'm with Mr. Artchick too. If the cow is that sick--do you really want the milk???


shellks - I suppose it isn't really a matter of wanting the milk as much as it is keeping the milking schedule so her udder won't burst.

This is udderly appalling

We once had a cow that refused to be milked. She'd kick at anyone who tried. So I rigged this ingenious invention - a rope tied to her hind leg and run thru a hook on the wall. My brother held the end of the rope snug while I attempted to milk her. The next time she kicked at me, my brother was airborn. He broke the barn wall with his head.

It was cool!

I take it this was your little brother, AWBH? (I cannot much imagine an elder brother getting roped [har, har] into such a scheme.)

Early front runner for the coveted Darwin Award.

I was waiting to defer to Wyo, but I'm thinkin' that cows HAVE to be milked or risk serious problems. 'Course he could've just let her lie on her side. That's how I handle the missus.

the first sentence of the story was enough for a "snork" !!!!

Trying to milk a cow that's too sick to stand up? I think it was "instant cow-ma" that got this guy.

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