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November 06, 2006


The Runner-Up


The Champion

(Thanks to leemedia and Schadeboy, respectively)


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What maroons!

leaves finger behind?

Oh, wait, I think I win that "Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done" game today, and no one had to die. Well, yet.

The Iranian robber was tricked by an "Imposter Wizard"? So, it would have worked if he'd found a real wizard?

Sloppy reporting yet again. It's imperative to know whether any of these people have procreated.

I think it is incumbent upon the bloglits to finally come up with a new category of stupid.
Darwin awards don't seem to do some things justice.
Suggestions anyone?

How do random statements made in the course of playing a party game necessarily have any connection to a real dead body?

My (15-year-old) daughter, when someone is accusing her of having done something, will frequently say, "Yup. And I was on the grassy knoll, too."

I've always called them Morons in the News, blurk...

For those of you who have 3 minutes to be entertained for no other reason than you have 3 minutes to kill, look to the right of the first article, on top5, and click on the mentos/ diet coke link. Well, worth the money, of which it costs none.

For an extra thousand rial, he coulda had the wizard put a staple in his ear.

I guess that guy now has a NEW answer to "What is the stupidest thing you've ever done"

Okay, we could have the "Punkin" award - for those who commit acts of an extremely embarrassing yet humorous and ultimately harmless nature, the "Blurk" award for impulsive use of a fire arm, the "baligurl" award for unfortunate mishaps involving laxatives, and the "mudstuffin" award for suffering the consequences of being a smarta55.

as part of their punishments' we hope that both of these upstanding morons will be immediately and irrovocably be neutered. and the champion must be neutered with a very-dull serated bread knife. that is all.

Or we could just not name them and award them prizes; here I am thinking of say, a hunting trip with Dick Cheney. Takes care of the whole chlorine in the gene pool thing.

2nd prize: A scenic drive with Ted Kennedy.

3rd prize: Internship with Bill Clinton (cigar optional)

Dee Dee Dee Award winners

oh, now i see how you people are. you go more for the cruel and unusual punishment, except for Siouxie, she's more into the cruel and kinky punishment.

Blurk, siouxie - good suggestions, but the idea is to award them a prize that removes. them from the gene pool. So maybe, say, flying lessons with JFK Junior.

Silly robber, you're supposed to ask if they can see you before you snatch the cash.

SN - cruel...but true.

well..the scenic ride with Teddy will do that...just sayin'

and on that note...I am outta here!

By, Siouxie. Tomorrow's my birthday, so I'm buyin'! Rest up!

Bali-The mentos video was fabulous. Is it sad that all I could think of while watching this was how many bees will that attract?? I hope you're feeling better.

I dunno. I think Mr. Invisible should've won. He was funnier and stupider.

*contemplates the likelihood of finding someone stupid enough to pay $200+ for a fake spell*

*dons black Halloween cloak and pointed wizard's hat*

*wanders off to see the bookman about getting a copy of The Spells of Astoroth*

Thanks, Mare. The lock-up (cheese sticks) kicked in and I'm moving all the daily meds away from the occasional meds, so that should put a stop to my mishaps. For awhile at least!

Chaz, nice Mencia reference. I'm more in favor of just calling it the "Texan Award" though.

Did anyone look at the Briefcase is a very dirty bomb link in the bank robbery story?

I'm with Bumble; Mr. Invisible was much funnier and incredibly stupid to boot.

Mr. Invisible & the Wizard Impostors WBAGNFA Iranian RB, by the way.

Mr Invisible...I wonder if thats his jailhouse name?

Jeff's with me?

*is startled*

*glances around*

Dang. Apparently he found a real wizard. Jeff, I hope you only plan to use this power for good...

Anybody notice the dumba55 down here in Lilburn, Georgia? I mean, specifically, the one (on the first link) that left during the robbery because the teller was taking too long.

We are so proud.

psssst... party game guy! next time, pick 'dare'!

ok, insom. I dare ya to shoot somebody in the head.

Rats. JimBob promised I would be invisible.


ah....much better...all you money are belong to me!

Annie, are you losing weight? Why, you're no bigger than a speck.

Somebody put a mighty big staple in her ear.

Thanks for noticing, blurkie, I am losing a little.

I'm thinking,Take My Necktie Saddam award. I mean the invisible guy's only next door.

YAY! Home!!

Yay, Siouxie! Monday's nearly over for you.

YEP! just a few more hours for you, Annie.

It's lonely in the west. But fun in the morning when I come in and see all the right-coast frivolity.

Doesn't exactly match this post but if you want a real laugh, go here:


duh. shh. i'm trying to not be seen.

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