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November 29, 2006


Don't mess with Stevie.

(Thanks to Dogg Fish)


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I would be first, but typepad still thinks I'm a spammer.

Looks like the kid brought a sword to a gunfight. It's lucky nobody was shot.

DO NOT let my youngest hear about this....

yeah stevie!!!

That kid is lucky to be alive. Someone better 'splain' to him that he's NOT a Power Ranger...Yikes!!!

Aaaawwwww, that is so key-yute! Scary, but cute.

"But Evans said the robber was more startled that Stevie was able to retreat to his bedroom and morph.

I used to think I was Gidget. I never pulled a sword on anyone though.

So this is what they mean when they say, "I'll just step into the bedroom and change into something more comfortable"...?

Darned bad guys.
*high five to Stevie*

You know, if he had proper training, even a plastic sword can poke an eye out...

What would Sun Tzu have to say about this?

I used to think I was Batgirl. Never got a chance to try my 'bat skills'!

Siouxie - Now, you're Batmom.

*hums dudududududududududududududududu batmom!*

*snork* @ Scott!!

*jumps on her BatMomScooter*

*putt* *putt*

pretty slick, eh??? ;-)

*dons spandex outfit*

Holy Bat Machete, BatMom!

*hops on the back of the BatMom Scooter and holds on (appropriately!) for dear life*

'Needs to improve his distinction between fantasy and reality'... gimme a break, the kid is FOUR!

Counselor: "You were very brave, but you really aren't a Power Ranger, Stevie."
Stevie: "Um, okay..."
Counselor: "Let's talk about something else now. What do you think Santa Claus is going to bring you this year?"

uh...Scott?? where were we going again??

*Batmom's memory isn't what it used to be*

*putt* *putt*

(that's my brain, not the scooter)

Fighting Crime? Dodging boogers? Oh, yeah! Book signings!

*man, this spandex doesn't fit like it used to*

snorks all around! Candy, hysterically true!

Um, I ain't saying nothing about the spandex outfits....

Yeah, Cheryl, rides up something fierce!

Welp, I've got to hitch up my gitalong and *putt* *putt* outta here. Hiyo, Vespa, AWAY!

Who was that masked spandex-wearing crime fighter??

Oh yeah..

Booger Dodger ScottManGS!!!

Thank God my halloween costume still fits.

Yeah, and it's purple spandex!

OH MY!!Scott...purple...my favorite color! I did have some purple spandex dance pants once.

hmm stevie?? spandex too? please do tell ;P

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