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November 29, 2006


This is why we never carry deer.

(Thanks to Candy Tutt)


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How desperate do you gotta be to rob an obviously armed man who is quite capable of hitting a target?

If he just shot the deer, didn't he have a gun of his own?

The robber was just after a buck or two...

..or at least a little doe.

Did somebody let our deer little pervert out of jail? And he had his German friends help him find a new date??

Just how did the hunter know the deer was dumb, huh? Did he give it an IQ test before he killed it?

Well, now that I think about it, I guess the deer was dumb enough to get shot....

if only he'd had his football helmet with him.

*Flagrantly borrowing this*

Missing! John Doe. Last seen in the vicinity of...

I would like to see how this would have played out if it had been one of maybe 100 dear hunters I know here in Arkansas.....I don't think these three would have got away with it.

All three of them would be squeeeelin' like a pig with there purdy mouths....(apologies to Ned Beatty).

*snork* @ Morty

...er, I mean 'DEER" not Daer...dear. bear where? Here?......aaaggggh

LOL morty!

*suddenly hears the sounds of duelin' banjos*

Are they sure it wasn't the deer's family in disguise?

Mentioned in the police report, but not in the article is that--to preserve the sport in the situation--the three assailants first instructed Hanna to run around trees and bushes, while yelling: "Serpentine, serpentine!"

While he did this, the attackers fired off a few rounds, and then satisfied, took the deer and left.

Deer Nazis! No deer for you!

Here's a link to the story on KDKA, with video...


NiftyWitch's Linky

"Hanna said he was ordered by the two bearded men in denim coats with orange vests and hats to empty his rifle by firing it."

Bearded denim-coated man: "You vill now empty ze gun by firing it!"

Victim: "Very well..."

Rifle: Bwammmm!

Bearded denim-coated man: "Urrrrgggghhhh"

Victim: "Be careful what you ask for!"

Lol, lbff, for "serpentine." Hilarious movie. Time to see it again.

"He said the two men had spoken German." Hmmmm...

The antlers my friend
Were taken to Berlin.
The antlers were taken to Berlin.

stevie...the only Berlin I know is the 80's punk band

And, sxi, don't tell me. The only Wall you know is Pink Floyd's.

you got it, stevie!

Stevie...Thanks for the earwig (and the snork that goes with it:)

Thanks, Siouxie!

I think Weird Al needs to re-write the lyrics to Amish Paradise.

I was the guy who this happen too..and belive me them Amish men when caught,I want a piece of their ass to mount on my shed!Ruined my gun cause I had to throw it 20ft out of the tree,and then they hit me in my back with a gun,I just had my second back surgey...Next time I see a horse and buggy i'll run them sob's off the road.!!!

uh..gumball anyone? no prob. niftfy!

Ahhh. Makes me proud to be from Pittsburgh.

BTW, Carrick is supposed to be one of our good neighborhoods.

oooops. Web went goofy and it posted my comment on the wrong story...hmmm...

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