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November 29, 2006


It is out of control.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Maybe the goats had asked for the porn?

Oh, and "first", I think.

Sounds like a Larry Flynt production of Goldfinger.

This guy really knew how to get a person's goat.

Did he dress the goats in provocative negligees first?

Orange spray paint on the genitals is considered "torture?" Somebody alert the guards at Guantanamo... Time to revise the manual AGAIN.

If you wanted to harass the property owner, wouldn't you spray paint his nads? And then take pictures and post them on the web?

I guesss the goats didn't have a taste for poRn.

*grabs that extra 's'*

Maybe he can share a cell with the guy who has sex with dead deer?

Does this mean that I can bring criminal charges against the purfume nazis who spray stinky stuff on my cleavege as I try to walk through department stores?

would this be kid porn?

BAAAAAAAAAAAA. whoa. hey dave, dint you grow up near there?? town's gone to hell-0 in a handbasket since ya left...


I think that it should be considered justifiable homicide if you kill a sales person in the cosmetics department who accosts you as you are walking by and asks you IF YOU WOULD LIKE A FREE MAKEUP Procedure!

Like you were ugly or something, or had no make-up on.

The only memory I have of Mahopac is not being able to find the Burger King that they had on the sign on 684..

Oh wait, that was Mount Kisco.

Still, looks like they know how to party in Mahopac.. It could even be the new Verplanck!

I've got "Who is Sylvia" stuck
in my head now. That is all.

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