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November 22, 2006


Terror Stalks the Streets


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What, no pics?

Livingston seems to be a hot bed of crime and hooliganism.

i wouldn't bother getting out of bed either. first time he heads down the interstate, that'll all blow off.

*tips hat to casey*

It's the terrorists!! Raise the alert level to puce!

Sounds like somewhere I wouldn't want to live -- if that's a big news itemm, I fear I'd die from boredom.

AinP, you wouldn't be so bored if you had some spare shaving cream and TP!

i didnt want to get out of bed to read that and respond....life is tough

I was working late one night a "few" years ago (I was 17)when some friends of mine came in and asked to borrow some cash for gas. (We all lived several miles from there, and they claimed they didn't have enough to get home.)

Bein' the swell feller that I am, I gave them some money, which they promptly took to K Mart and bought TP, Toothpaste etc. with and decorated my car. It was about 15 degrees out, and when I got to my car at 2AM, it was perma-mess.

Never boring in a small town.

Just goes to show you Wyo...Only the good die young...

um...that and they don't have their car TP'd ;-)

*meant the NOT good people don't have their car td'd*

ahh...forget it..it's too damn frikin cold to think!

It's not so much the severity of the crime, but the degree of apathy that's apalling.

Siouxie, please see my post on the weather thread.

Oh, and good mornin'.

Good morning blurk my friend ;)

see my response...thank you.

Well, I gotta be off to work.

In the mean time, thanks to Baligurl, Cat R, Cheryl Howard, Punkin and (by default)EC, the Hall of shame fame numbers thirty now.

Mail box is open, if anyone else wants to post.

grim, cold, marbelized
the cowboy spits, scowls at the
festooned vehicle

knuckles scraped, bleeding
chip away at minty smears
damn drunken bastards

"never boring" - true
boredom's remedy is still

Wyo, you are doing such a great job with that Booger page!!!! We look MAHVELOUS!!

TP, shaving cream
in Livingston, I presume
hooligan hotbed

Ha Wyo, you'll never take my picture alive!

Not that anyone much cares, but Livingston is a county in Michigan, not a city. The town was Howell.

No, I don't think anyone does much care.

Oh, man! I'm sandwiched between Punkin and Siouxie. Could life get any better?

Edgar, can we arrange an early demise?? for to take your picture of course ;-)

**make sure you smile as you croak**

On second, thought, it probably could get better but I don't think I'd survive!

*Looking up at Scott*

HI UP THERE!!! Nice view from down here ;)

Hmm, I was thinking the same from up here, Siouxie!

*tattles on Scott - Punkin!!!...Scott's lookin' up yer shirt!!!*


I was lookin' down, too, Siouxie!



Whaddaya mean, "Hey!!!" I always look at beautiful women. I usually keep it to myself, though, unless they're lookin' back. ;-)


They must live in a high cream neighborhood.

The horror the horror.

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