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November 21, 2006


Two words: Monitor care.

(Thanks to Chaim Schneider)


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so they got tired of pop-ups?

I hope someone doesn't get the idea to cut the cable on the pendulum swinging in the lobby. Or if they do, I hope I get to watch whatever they crush.

It gets really quiet around Fermi Lab over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

In reference to this pointless and destructive stunt, I believe that I speak for all guys of the male gender when I say, "Cool!"

*sniff* I'm so proud. They're from Oregon.

*chortle* Figures. They're from Eugene.

(I once heard someone describe the drive up I-5 from California: "Redneck, redneck, redneck, redneck, hippy commune, redneck, Portland." Eugene would be the "hippy commune...")

When I was in junior high, I really wanted to do that to Danny Fleming. He was the hall monitor.

Now that I think about it, I still want to do that to Danny Fleming!

is it a thing for all guys to get off on pointless destruction? think of all the time and trouble that went into the making of the rubber band ball, the hoist set-up, the exacting placement of the monitor; all for about 60 seconds of action. now, if it had been the total and wanton destruction of say, a complete Manilow CD collection, or a life sized Brittany doll, then that would be a public service.

W.W. Yes it is.

Get back to class. You've been in the bathroom for an hour.

You have a hall pass PirateBoy? Didn't think so. Detention.

Silly boys and their ball trix.

Has Dave Letterman heard about this?

You have a hall pass PirateBoy? Didn't think so. Detention.

Hall pass? We don't need no steenkin' hall pass.

What? Can Danny Fleming post all by himself now? That is weird.

(obscure geezer music alert..."Red Rubber Ball")

i should have known
you'd gone nuts as well
you took my old used monitor
and sent it straight to Hell!

just another myspace page
that takes seconds to see
if you'd asked my permission
then i'd have let you 'set it free'

and, yeah, i'm gonna be all right
yeah, the worst is over now
my lawyer's fun ain't fighting
with a rubber band ball!

If you visit their myspace page they have links to a huge yarn ball and a huge foil ball. Just don't want you to miss out.

Do you have a hall pass?

What? Where did everybody go? Get back here. I'm warnin' ya.

Nobody likes me.

I'm all alone in the cald dark comments section.

Just me and my thoughts.

Thiss looks like something that would happen in Eugene, but my memory of Eugene is a bit hazy.

Isn't everyone's memory of Eugene a bit hazy? Kinda like anyone who lives downwind of Reed, here in Portland.

Clean Hands --
I think after Hippie Commune, the order should be

Smells like something died
State Capitol

Ah, productivity in Oregon. I'm so proud!

Correction Heinrich

A world record to be unveiled today in Chicago:


Brownie point to insom for song selection.

{{{Danny Flemming}}} We luv ya Danny.

in response to wickedwitch way up there:
I used to wonder why guys would spend weeks assembling a model car or truck, making sure every piece was in the right place and that the paint, decals, etc. were exactly right, only to take the completed masterpiece outside and put an M-80 into the thing. I still don't understand that mentality.


... so ... I din't get to see the stoopid cool stunt ...

Certainly something I've wanted to do to the useless, outdated (ever tried to work with a monitor that intermittently only gets two out of three color feeds, goes blank in the middle of a critical process change, randomly moves window displays, etc, etc, etc?) monitors in MY work space!

Pssst! Over here, yeah you, I've got some hot hall passes here, $10 says one will get you past any hall monitor, including Jerry.


A first for me!

I finally got blogged!

So busy yesterday I almost missed it.

Thanks Dave.

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