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November 13, 2006


(Thanks again to Jeff Meyerson)


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What - 2 hours of begging?

I would buy this. After a weekend of a croupie Baron vonTwoYearOld, I need the humor factor.

"They did nothing all day but have sex—and play the odd game of chess."

Given the participants I'll bet it was a very odd game of chess.

I just don't understand why Twit would divorce someone so kind and sensitive....

i'll bet that would get rid of the Jehovahs Witnesses that knock on my door every Saturday morning. maybe a little t.v. set in the front window.

I think I could pass on watching the video.

"...the whole world will see her having sex, which will be devastating."

I for one would be devastated if I had to watch this video.

Britney fears the raunchy footage will destroy her wholesome image

(This is a direct quote I'm using of Dr. Phil's)
"Are you f'ing kidding me??!!?"

he's such a class act, ain't he??

KCSteve - to those two twits, chess is odd.

They were probably playing strip chess.

Twitney had a $10 million dollar lawsuit dismissed against U.S,Magazine for mentioning this tape,which now appears to exist.
And when did Cro-Magnon Man come back from the extinct list?

I wouldnt be able to look away...just like the Tommy Lee/Pam Anderson video

Can they Photoshop film? It would sell better if Fed-X wasn't in it...

On a more serious note, friends, remember: If you're significant other wants to videotape romantic encounters, ASSUME IT WILL WIND UP ON THE INTERNET EVENTUALLY!!! Just about everything else does...

Couldn't this be considered blackmail?

As far as the child custody goes, they should just let Madonna adopt them.

The only thing that stunned me in this article is that they played chess. I would've guesses Candyland (TM thingy).

ubetcha...adopt whom? Mr and Mrs Twit-Fed could clearly profit from some parenting, even by Madonna.

Am I the only one thinking for $50 in any dark alley she could probably have this guy whacked? Likely even free if they had to listen to his cd.

Hey K-Fediot, that is called "extortion". You may need a dictionary, and a criminal lawyer as well. I don't think they'll be releasing your prison sex tape anytime soon after that either. You complete dumbassh***.

I bet this tape is 3 hours, 58 minutes long, and then Twitney returns from her shopping trip and turns off the camera.

Well, I bet the tape is 60 seconds long, and he forgot and left the tape on for 3 hours and 57 minutes, and they Britney returned from her shopping trip.

*and then returned* would also work in that sentence.

Way to think of the kids! Great parenting material this guy...

I'm still fascinated by the ad for Elegant Lesbi@n jewelry. My curiosity wants to click on the link, my desire to stay employed is holding me back.

There was a story below that ad?

Gigolo Rule #1: Take compromising photos/videos early on in the relationship. You never know when it will fizzle, and you want to be prepared.

I still return to the whole concept of put the children in a crowd of kids and award custody based on which parent can figure out which kids are theirs.

"If you want to hate me, cool, hate me."

As if he wasn't making it easy enough already. Yeah, I see that child custody award turning his way any day now.

Twitney has a wholesome image???

LOL and a *snork* for What - 2 hours of begging?

*snork* for 'Fed-X,' too.

Beppie - you beat me to it. Yeah. It's illegal to do that. He can now formally be charged, I believe.

Gosh, folks, do you wonder if maybe she was a bit hasty in her decision to leave him?$$$$™

($$$$ courtesy of Wyo).

Ya know, after the "burp video" this might actually revive her career.

I think I'm gonna stay away from this topic, except to say this about the photo caption.

Britney Spears (R) and her husband Kevin Federline arrive for the Sony BMG Grammy Party in Los Angeles February 8, 2006.

Does this mean Britney is a Republican, or that she is the person on the right in case people won't be able to tell which is Britney and which is Kevin.

I don't get it--why are they at a party together the day AFTER she filed? Just a skanky publicity stunt? Need funds to pay for the chess board?

Y'know, that's one ambiguously-labled link that I wouold be able to resist clicking on.

Really. The idea of seeing that skanky ho getting busy is enough to turn my stomach. I don't particularly want to see his wife getting nekkid, either.

If you want to know if she has any chances of a "come-back," ask any kid. She needs to take what's left of her money, change her name, and retire to a foreign country where the kids can grow up in peace. Of course, my middle name is "Pollyanna."

Heather Mills McCartney, may I present Kevin Federline. Now Mr. Federline while Ms. Mills McCartney is a bit older than you, as a very wise man advised me recently age is a state of mind. Speaking of which, you two seem to be of the same.

Hey K-Fud......I'm kinda fond of the s3x thing.....PLEASE don't turn me against it! We will pay you NOT to release it.

I'd rather watch video of the two of them playing chess.

Beppie....I am still *snorking* over the "prison sex tapes" whew...!

They had s3x on their honeymoon!?!?!?

Boy, from the little I know (and care less) about 'em, I'd've guessed that the novelty and thrill would've worn off by that time ...

OtheU - ya think??? and here I thot she was savin' herself for the camera...

Fed-X Update: Attention all Walmart Shoppers!

Fed-X shopping spree

*thinks he needed some fresh wife beaters*

just sayin'

By the by....HI Siouxie! (and all youse guys) Been out of town for a couple of days, went to see mom. She's 82 but doing well. Missed you, but had fun.

Jazzzzieeee!!! hugs and smoochies to ya!! Missed you!
WTG Mom! my mom is 88 and hanging in there...had a rough time, still in ICU. Been hard but I'm here ;-)

Siouxie....You know my prayers are with her and your family. You can count on that. {{{{big hugs}}}

thanks Jazzzzie ((((hugs))))) yer a sweetheart!

I'm with The Dead Pirate Chris on this one...

when i read the line in question my first thought was "Britney HAS a wholesome image?"

Okay. Does anybody, ANYBODY, think that a pal of K-Fed talks like this? (I can't see either Britney or Kevin hanging around with Brits....let me rephrase that: I can't see any Brits hanging around with Kevin and Britney...)

"At the time the two of them were in the honeymoon stages of the relationship and couldn't keep their hands off each other. They did nothing all day but have sex—and play the odd game of chess. They were insatiable and they believed they would be together forever.

Britney didn't think twice about making the video at the time. She mistakenly believed that their love would last. They adored filming each other. They lived their lives in front of the cameras—even making a short-lived reality TV show of their exploits. Sex was no different to them, it seems. Now this video could prove very costly to her. Millions of people will be prepared to pay to watch," a pal close to Kevin Federline was quoted by the Newsoftheworld, as saying.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is the hotel where the cover of The Eagles' Hotel California album was photographed, supposedly with Anton LeVay standing in the shadows. Now this... Will the evil at this place never cease?

ec - you beat me on the Heather Mills McC connection...

Come on, admit it, we'd all watch. At least us guys.

"OtheU - ya think??? and here I thot she was savin' herself for the camera..."

Oh, savin'. I thought you said shavin'.

I noticed today that fed-ex will be at my local House of Blues soon, a place I occasionally visit (a nice small venue). I'm half-tempted to go for the 'train wreck' value.

please, please, cant we beat these people up, please?

stevie - she burps, picks at her toes and scratches herself - in front of the camera. Ya think she's worry about hair?? or lack thereof?

I think you should go see Fed-x and report back to us! Maybe we're being too hard on him and he's actually pretty good...


DON'T DO IT!!!! stevie w, there is something evil here. Like when you're watching a horror movie and YOU know the creature is hiding behind the gumball machine, but the guy in the movie doesn't, and he just wants some gum.....eeeeiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!!

Jazzzzie! don't be a party poooper! let stevie venture into the unknown for the sake of our entertainment...

He's perfect for reporting on good vs horrible vs anything that Fed-X could possibly screech.

we're being too hard on him
Siouxie - OMG NO! I will NEVER be hard on him!!!!!

queensbee - The government should sell tickets to slap the two of them. $1 per slap. They could eliminate the national debt in a week.

Kinda like in Airplane???

*will stand in line with a baseball bat*

Exactly what color is "stunned"? Will I find this color in the Crayola 64 pack?

TDPC...Brilliant! You are obviously not a real politician, as this actually makes sense.

(Re: the comments on this being extortion). I just hope he was dumb enough to leave proof.

Either I forgot to check remember personal info, or my computer screwed up. One of the two does not function well.....we report, you decide.

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