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November 30, 2006


If only there were pictures, this would take care of the naked men directive, also.

(Thanks to DavCat)

Update from Clean Hands in the comments section


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Yeah, okay, but who wants to see that?

Sorry - forgot to add, "Eh?"

wonders if there are any shots of pot heads in the pot holes.

judi, no naked men there sooooooooo....

*wonders whether these guys will come to Miami to do a signing...*

Trust me, as a sorta proud Saskatchewanian, you really, really don't want to see a bunch of farmers from Leader nekkid. Honest.

Keep trying, judi!

*puts on research goggles to help find naked men for judi*

Here's a link with a very brief sample. But you can order them on this site, I believe.

*thinks Annie needs to research google for the naked men*


They're selling it for $20 to raise money, but it isn't available online. Even a paper in the Phillipines is running the story, but no one who can't drive to the Leader Pharmacy can get a calendar. Does this make cents to anyone?

Wow, their calendar is $20, but the firemen's is only $15????? And doneven try to tell me that it's because of the exchange rate!

yay Judi! Always on the lookout for nekked guys... as are we all....

...and apparently, the drive's a b!tch.


Is DavCat the new Claire Martin?

row, row, row your boat
gently down the road...

Not that I was tryin' for an earwig or anything.
*evil grin™*

blurk, may I borrow your shotgun? not that you'll need it afterwards...

actually, never mind. I have a football helmet.


you did deserve that.

*loads shotgun with blanks*

Here ya go, Siouxie. Have at it.

Careful, blurk! Blanks can still kill. Remember that idiot action star a few years back? Not Hasselhoff, but the other one.

All right, CH, you started it...now finish it. I can picture the guy's face but I can't think of his name. If you don't come through it'll drive me crazy all day.

Seems like I remember he had some kinda girlie name.

HA! too late, blurk!!

*knew he was gonna do that*

davcat is MY claire martin ;) she finds the best stuff!

nowwwwwwwww we know!! oh..she's she?? I always thought it was Dav as is Dave or David.

Nevermind, CH

Jon Erik Hexum.
Why did I think it was a girlie name?

Oh, well.

Gah, I thought the name would be at least familiar, but I'm really just drawing a blank.

You all may be thinking of Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son...

I thought of Lee's son too, Mr. C.

There was also a Michigan State fooball player in the early 80s. Don't remember his name either.

I thought he got whacked by a chopper?

no...that was some OTHER older actor..Vic Morrow???

Lee's son was killed by a bullet or blanks when he was filmimg the sequel to the Crow I believe.

Brandon was only sort of killed by a blank. There was a squib still in the barrel...

YAY CH! you got posted as an update!!

and what Chris said. I was close.

CH - how do you 'draw a blank'? If it's blank, there's nothing to draw. Just asking.

Awwwww Judi, thank you for you kind words. I used to work in radio and I LOVE weird news stories. I just seem to find them all the time and I love to share them.

Who better to do that with than the Booger Bloglits?

thank you DavCat! and well done!

I'll take the mushu pork and crab wontons, please.

Number 69 with a large won-ton soup.

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