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November 30, 2006


It's about time someone spoke out for guacamole legislation.

(Thanks to Joshua Evans)

UPDATE from DavCat: Hmmmmm.


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What a dip.

And still the United Nations does nothing.

ok..so if it doesn't taste like guacamole why are they re-doing the label to say "guacamole-flavored"??

I've had a similar experience. I sued the Johnsonville Meat Co. because there were no Italians in their Italian Sausage.

runs to see if the onion dip contains enough onions to prevent my suing....

And everyone says Americans file frivolous lawsuits. Well what about now? Huh?

"'We think customers understand that it isn't made from avocado[.]'"

Just when you thought it was safe to head back to the grocery store...

Does this mean Rice-A-Roni could have no rice? Kraft macaroni and cheese could be made by Dupont? Caveat *really* emptor.

But I wonder what kind of damages the plaintiff imagines she can get; I mean, it's not like the avocado was substituted with rat sauce.


Brenda Lifsey's brain isn't very brainey. Can I sue her because she doesn't qualify as human?

Oh for crying out loud, lazy a$$e$, go outside pull the avocados off the tree, and whip some guac up yourselves!

What? Not everyone has trees in their yard? Oh. well then, never mind.

Does this mean that Gerber's in trouble, too?

My squirrel melt doesn't have squirrel damnit!

Girl Scout cookies - no girl scouts in the ingredients. Same with baby food. Head cheese....don't even go there.

*snork* @ CH hehehe...baby food...got it...

Horrors - my coffee is made of mostly....hot water!

^5 AWbh

...and the baby oil folks too...

^5 CH

btw - in LA, there are avocado trees just about everywhere. If this woman had any class at all, she'd make her own dang guac.

^10, Annie. See my posting above.

Don't forget the strawberry douché people.


*wondering why blurk knows so much about douches*

backroom fixer always good with a mixer
till i got a call from guys up the stairs
"we got a little chore,make green dip for the stores
out of what, no one round here really cares"
so i took some corn goo, soybeans ,maybe two
some green dye,to make it look fine
i really knew what was i doin', millions thought they were chewin'
avocado dip that was all mine!
they told me "Make guac this way"
"Mock-guac this way"...

Um...well...uh...I was just guessin' is all.

Yeah... sure, blurk. Now wipe your upper lip, pls.

hmm huh...blurk. I believe that. no. really.

GREAT one, insom!!!!

Damn straight. Nothing is worse than nasty tasting sans avacado guacamole dip.

Um...Cheryl, I don't mean to argue but, yes. Yes, there are worse things.

I dunno, CH, ask blurk - sounds like he might have a contender.

what CH?? a strawberry "flavored" douche with no uh...strawberries???

Dare I say it....??

Cherry-flavored douche?

HA! you said it!!!

wait..but that's only before...and once you've...there's no...


DPS (re 12:01 post) - no, I don't think so - that would disqualify at least half the people on this planet.

Scented is one thing.
If it's flavored, I don't think it really qualifies as douché anymore.
Just sayin'.

CH, talk about false advertising.

Lord, forgive me and watch over the pygmies down in New Guinea.

You mean there is $700,000 worth of avocadoes in the world?? WHY??

blurk, you're not supposed to drink it. Just sayin'

Dang it. I was trying to find that SNL parody with Michael Jordan on Feminine Hygiene Products for blurk to no avail. Anyone?

Cheryl, I don't remember that one...sorry.

In the interest of the new and improved blog cleanliness I shall refrain from making any further comments about cherry flavored scented female-type products.

*applauds blurk's will power*


and furthermore...mmmcoodfdjddddkkkknooofffftttt.

Thank God for duct tape.

I feel your pain, blurk...really ;-)

*has gotten rid of her sharpies and acquired a bulk supply of duct tape*

Wow! People gripe about how litigious Americans are, but who else besides an American corporation would try and pass off "modified food starch, coconut and soybean oils, corn syrup and food coloring" as even being FOOD, much less Guacamole? Gotta love their defense too "We think customers understand that it isn't edible" (OK, took some liberties with the quote, but it's damn close).

OtheD. Exactamundo!

*this post free of modified food starch*

DPS from 1:08-No, then it would be called jouché.

*placed my order on the next thread*

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