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November 16, 2006


...and somebody you know needs this.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Oh, you better believe there is someone on my list who could use it.

Oh no. Excuse me ma'am, you're sitting on my margarita! eeewww

My cup runneth over...

Wow... what will they think up next? Using your butt to pressurize your drink... Maybe they can include a "carbonation" feature in the upgraded model.

I love to sip beverages that have been warmed to room temperature BY MY ASS!!

It holds eight margaritas? At least it makes a soft place to pass out. You might want to skip the salt though.

Eight full drinks? That'd be ... um ... four on each side ... um ... nevermind ...

i prefer the bra model.

What a remarkable product! I need to order two. And that sit n sip looks kind of interesting also.

Where's the companion product? You know, so you don't have to leave your seat when nature calls?

I'm gonna need a bigger bag...just sayin'

Not only is my @ss bigger than that..but...only 8 drinks??? come on!!!!

ok..they took care of one of my complaints:

"An additional bladder for extra drinks!"

now if they could only make my butt smaller...hmmm

Does this cosmopolitan make my butt look big?

*SNORK!*@stevie w.

No! It's perfect! Really! With or without, it's just absolute perfection.

*Downs another JD*

Oh, great, so your seat actually gets more unciomfortable as the day goes on. When you drink, the pressure reduces, so the cushion gets more and more flabby.

but if you mix those drinks right, you won't care!

Looks like an updated version of an enema bag. Just sayin'.

I just say keep refillin' (for the comfort of course)

Want a drink? No really, it's a real drink. No,it isn't bum juice, it's a margarita. No I didn't fart on it. Ok maybe once but... it's in a bag and there's this hose and everything.

No really, it isn't bum juice.

But, it doesn't come in a CLEAR PLASTIC ZIP-LOC BAG!

"keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot"

hmmm...how does it know??

Yeah, I always dress like that for sporting events.
And who wants a seat that gets increasingly less comfortable? Maybe that's why the margaritas are specifically mentioned. This looks to me like a clever way to sneak adult beverages past security at a stadium or theatre, until, of course, the security guards catch on.

The nice thing is, after emptying it, it can double as a urinal.

At first they tried to market it as the "Ass Blaster," but for some reason no one wanted to by it.

Great product. Almost as good as the BEER BELLY.

I'm sorry, but I'd have to know the person sitting on that thing before ...

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