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November 29, 2006


They're changing the way we live.

(Thanks to Philip Caul)


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I'd say he can keep it.

OMFG, a thief with a sense of humor. ***SNORK***!!!

All I got is *snork*

LOL I agree, CH!!!

So, will the picture of the penis appear in a offensive penis photo lineup?

I guess this is the updated version of "You show me yours and I'll show you mine?"

Did he include a note? "Hey! What a coincidence! Here's my boyfriend."

Casey...it's always better when they play offense. A penis on defense is just sad.

Who brings a penis to a lesbian? Oh wait no--that was a knife to a gunfight... nevermind.

maybe he wanted to convert her back by showing her what she was 'missing'???

Dave, how exactly is this changing the way we live?

blurk, it's too hi-tech!

What was AT & T's old slogan? Oh yes, now I remember; reach out & touch someone.

I'm sorry, you go the wrong member.

That's GOT the wrong member. Sheesh.

*the member you have reached is not in service at this time*

Can you leer at me now?

One ringy dingy
Two ringy dingy

Ring my chimes ...


Yeesus Yumpin' Yiminy!!! Yingle Yangle!!!

*disco alert*

You can ring my belllllllll..ring my bell.

ring my bell.


Me just wanted to show her his ding-a-ling.

That's HE, not ME.

Peni$ picture on screen? Check.
Phone on vibrate? Check.
Finger on land line's "redial" button? Check.


Ahhh. Makes me proud to be from Pittsburgh.

BTW, Carrick is supposed to be one of our good neighborhoods.

Is it sad that I've met people who
who would've taken
the thief up on his offer ?

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