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November 13, 2006


Pamela Anderson has found a worthy co-star.


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Hmm, finally something truly newsworthy

"Farts are always funny."

words of wisdom from pammy

btw, aren't the Animatronic Turtles back on tour...I always loved them....

The truth is that PETA would not allow any live turtles to costar with Pam "Farts Are Always Funny" Anderson.

Is she referring to Borat?

Her natural medium would be ditzy blonde bombshell.

Of course, you realize that it doesn't take much to amuse her.

Ex. "Farts are always funny."

"Farts are always funny."

And K-Fed's available.

Earlier this year, the actress posed virtually naked in the shop window of fashion designer Stella McCartney's London boutique as part of an anti-fur protest.

It's always easier to harass fur-clad debutantes than it is leather-clad bikers.

How would filming a live turtle be harmful anyway?

What a freak.

" Flatulant co-staring Animatronic Turtles" WBAGNFA Cartoon.....

'virtually naked'...is that some Internet thing, he asked geezerishly?

I'm sure her animatronic ramparts will still be the top co-stars of this program.

First, farts ARE always funny. Billinbossier, you may be in the wrong blog.

"animatronic ramparts" of course wbagnfarb.

bubbles from the swamp
gas near toxic causes swoon
flatulent reptile

ditzy blonde or not
this story begs the question:
robots really fart?

I believe she hears
but the origin of them
must be male pranksters

Um...plays a ditzy blonde?

And if there are no animals allowed on the set wouldn't that be an animal UNfriendly set?

Just askin'.

Mornin' everyone.

She insisted that no real turtles be used or harmed during the filming . . .

Producer: Okay, as per your contract, no real turtles are being used in this film.

Pamela Anderson: Right, and no turtles will be harmed, either, right?

Producer: Well, eh, yeah, there aren't any being used, so. . .

Pamela Anderson: But you have to promise that they won't be harmed.

Producer: No, of course not. . . Who's on first?

Pamela Anderson: What?

Producer: Nothing.


Just think,Blurke,no more Lassie,no more Rin Tin Tin,no more John Belushi.

(poot) i hate it when
i see that satisfied smile
on that damn turtle

i bet the robot
turtle has its own trailer -
"ethical treatment"

i also bet it
eats beans just so it can fart
at pam, wouldn't you?

Inquiring minds want to know: do animatronic farts have a smell? If your robot turtle keeps farting, maybe you should just turn it off, its not like you'd be able to tell the difference.

*makes a mental note to be busy having a root canal when this gem of a movie comes out*

Good morning people!

Morning, folks!
/Personal rant: My son is home from Iraq! He got in to Colorado Sprgs Saturday evening (Veteran's Day!) He & his family will be here in Indy around Christmas time so I won't get to see them till then, but it sure is good to know he's back in the US of A!
Thanks again to all for the moral support

End rant/

You may now resume fart jokes :))

Congratulations Nannie. Now you can rest easy.

Happy for you Nannie.

And as I always say,"you can't make turtle soup without breaking a few PETAS."

Awesome news nannie!!! Welcome Home to your son!

Great news, Nannie. I know what you're celebrating on 11/23!

No real ramparts were used in the film either.

*Great news, nannie*

Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night, it's only right
To think about turtles you love
hold it in tight
Flatus is funny

If I should call you up, pass gas some time
And you say you belong to me and ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be, so very fine
Flatus is funny

I can't pass gas with nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me, baby the skies'll say PU
For all my life

Me and you and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice, it's SBD
The only one for me is you, and you for me
Flatus is funny

Tell him "Welcome Home!" from all of us, Nannie.
On a more worrisome note, is it safe to have a malfunctioning electronic device next to all that silicone? Someone should notify the EPA.

Pam Anderson, playing a ditz,
Is sent into giggling fits
Her mirth generated
By farting created
Artificially, just like her...

Nah. No point in getting nasty.

a ditzy blonde bombshell with a pampered pet turtle.

Don't most ditzy blonde bombshells have pampered pet turtles?

Congrats and thanks to your son for serving! I just had a marine friend come home this week after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. His family has started Thanksgiving a little early.

Hey, the turtle robot was gifted enough to know that Pam thinks farts are funny. Now, it gets to go on the road show w/her. How many of you guys are thinking reincarnation might be a good thing... if you can come back as an animatronic tortoise?

"Don't most ditzy blonde bombshells have pampered pet turtles?"

OK, enuff of the jokes about Kevin and Nick

No real turtles are being used. No animals at all. It's an animal-friendly set.

What's the point of an animal-friendly set if no animals are used at all?

Wasn't she married to Tommy? How different can it be?


Must be a confined area, that set. "The turtle did it!" instead of the dog, or the baby, etc.

Congrats to nannie and family.

Welcome home, son of nannie ... tnx fer servin' ...

and ...

... virtually naked ... as part of an anti-fur protest.

So ... one must assume, then ... that she ... um ... shaved, for the "display"?

(Or, mebbe she merely depilitated ... eh?)

*sigh* I used to work with Pam on her show VIP. I love her like a sister and rfuse to participate in any form of Pam-Bashing.

But apropos Pam and "farts are always funny..." One year she gave the entire crew something called a "Fart Blaster." ISIANMTU. It was a little cup of the stuff that used to be marketed as "Slime." When you push your fingers into it, it makes a farting sound. We drove directors crazy with them for months. Mine is still sitting on a shelf right here in my office. (I can see it from where I sit.) There is a little note on it that says, "Season 4 is going to be a GAS!"

*tosses an "e" up to my previous post.*

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