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November 28, 2006


Land of urban snakes.


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stay tuned for mudstuffin

Ththththird. (Snake with a lisp.)

"The officers tested the snake’s temperament by prodding it with their batons and when it seemed not to be a threat, picked it up...."
Sounds like a ssssssinglesss club.

"Bob Johnson, curator of reptiles at the Toronto Zoo, has said the snake could be found by tearing down the walls but that would destroy the house."

I would tear down the walls to get rid of it. To heck with the house.

*taking bets on how long it will take someone to say "urban snakes" WBAGNFARB*

What's a semi-detached house?? fancy name for a trailer?

*waiting for mud as well, Lisa*

Python taken into protective custody.

Where did the cops put the handcuffs?

No, Souixie. It's Brit (and I guess Canadian) for a duplex. The house is detached on one side, but connected to its next-door neighbor on the other side. Therefore, it's only half ( semi) detached.

Ok, the second story totally creeped me out. A 1.5 meter cobra hiding in the ceiling? That is one huge poisonous snake. All a python will do is give you a hug. A cobra....*shudders*...

A semi-detached house is what you would call a duplex. Basicly its two houses joined at the side.

In Mud's absence, "Snakes! Why did it had to be Snakes?!"

Thanks Beth!

and ArticAl ;)

Helder Claro of 18 Church St. was charged by the city with three offences: keeping two prohibited venomous Egyptian male cobras and one venomous gaboon viper. The maximum fine on each count is $5,000.
The other two snakes are in the custody of Animal Services.

Just until they can find good homes for them.

"I've been keeping snakes, tarantulas, lizards and everything you can possibly imagine for 15 years now,” he said. “I definitely have room if no one else does. There's no doubt."

There's no doubt he's had a hard time dating...

Sorry I'm late. I was "busy" "working".

i was out saturday just holiday shopping
i paused by the bell-ringer intending to drop bling
when up from my boxers an unmistakable hiss
caused the poor santa his red pants to pi55
no mistaking the sound it could be no gas
but the blood-chilling call of a snake in the a55
like one of the damned then, from scrooge's night vision
i'll wander the earth in eternal contrition
unable to help though i know that i should
the ones i would help are scared off but good
and so i'll go home now to end this sorry night
like so many others bathed in t.v.'s blue light
and drink till i'm full of solitude and glenlivet
- a poor pale facsimile of the holiday spirit
so that numb i may slumber till the sun reaches high
and for a spell not know the pain that is mine.

*holds up cell phone*

worth the wait!!

Poisonous: you bite it, you get sick.

Venemous: It bites you, you get sick.



*bites CJ*



CJ, trust me, if you bite a cobra, you will get sick.

Chimps have words that mean "snake" and "snake in the tree" and "snake in the grass." I wonder if they have words for "snake in the aXX?"

Although the experts did dismantle a furnace and knock down some walls,
(which is a pretty impressively masculine display of destruction)
not one of them checked underneath the radiators.
That's where we found my roomates snake about 2 weeks after it mysteriously vanished from it's aquarium/cage.
Yeah, I checked the sheets in my bed every night for those two weeks and every now and then I do it still.
Just to be sure....

Anybody notice the sidebar on the second story, entitled "Canadian reptiles on the loose"? No less than six snakes in five years. This is a serious crisis.

Also, "Reptiles on the Loose" WBAGNFARB.

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