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November 20, 2006


Land of Excitement

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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First, eh!

The population of Cub fans just tripled.


In keeping with todays theme, I read the link as Land of Excrement

nope, third. oh well

Dave is really on a roll today - I am so grossed out by the Britney-no-pants and doggie-doo soap thing, that this seems tame.

btw, this man has never met my son's feet after a ball game. ICK!!!!!!!!!!!

this guy passes him self as a collector? i think more like a freakin' pervert. and he's married? she must be a real jewel.

People do collect the strangest things...

Nope! It's Retarded!

At least it's athletic socks.

He is a 41-year-old engineer. Married, no children. He lives in suburban Toronto

Hey wait a minute! That sounds like Greg. He what! Uggg.

Me, too, casey. :-/

Somehow, I think that a story under that tag would have been less disturbing. Something about a manure pond bursting, leading to multiple car wrecks... no, wait, that happened where I grew up.

*snork* @ Gloria. I hope you're kidding...

Existentialist note - What's worse than a guy collecting socks?
Someone taking the time to read about him. :(

Just kidding....booger!

He's married, but no children. 1 of these statements is going to change. GUESS WHICH ONE!!!?

Just search 'unwashed' on ebay (I certainly will not)

I have just got to party with this guy...

I'll bet he doesn't have these yet.

AW-B-H: Haven't blogged in a while, so I'm a little(ok a lot) outta the loop; but is your "booger" reference a Dave "booger" or a really great alludment {might be a made up word} to the great WKRP show where Dr. Jonnie Fever was fired for saying [booger]. Just askin' as the geezer bus show up to take me back to the home.

Maybe his wife just uses him for sox.

Nice try, Annie. You ain't gettin' me.

Hey, PeeJay - long time no post! It was a klassic Dave booger reference, but now that you mention it...I remember that episode....from my TV History class, of course.

blurkie....I think I already have you. Bwahaha!

College at its best:)

PeeJay, what's a bunch of pitchers glued to poster board got to do with anything?

Okay, why has this blog suddenly come down with a major case of the meanies?

I give up blurk, what?

In honor of turkey day and WKRP - the classic turkey drop.

Easy Clean Hands, I got it, I got it. I was just too busy watching the WKRP video. Nice one blurk:}

AWbh, all is forgiven. I have tears running down my face from watching that again...

The guy's a knit-twit.

Thanks for that, Annie...I'd completely forgotten about the Les' "counterattack" bit before the classic line...hysterical...

That is all.

Tnx, Annie ... that's 5:40 of my life I will enjoy reliving, at least once a year ... (I, also, had forgotten parts of it ...)

When I first read this: thought it said Canada Land of Excrement.

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