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November 27, 2006



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She hit her with a drink???
That has got to be painful.


Pour thing. She poured her drink on me and its just not right.

And yet, when the drink was poured onto her she didn't melt while yowling, "Oh, what a world!"

Oh, NOOO, don't make me be the first on a news item involving Paris Hilton. Somebody, jump in and say first before my eyeballs melt off and I can't see the monitor anymore!!!

BTW, that head popping Marie A. doll could have real potential as a personal defence weapon.

Oh, whew! thank goodness someone(s) got in there before I finished typing. Saved by the DSL

Just finished reading Dave's Xmas gift list, I have GOT to get that nasal hair trimmer that looks like a finger for my furry nostilled hubby. Then I can stop complaining about how his face, in profile, looks like a science fiction movie about the incredible hairy thing that came from the sinus cavity.

With all that cash, can't Paris buy some class?

It hurt? Maybe it was hard liquor.

Can I hit her next?

That poor drink.

*snork* at lisa.

cg-I was just about to lol @ artchick

Mebbe if the drink wuz in one of these?

Yet another piece of hard-hitting, pull-no-(rum?)punches journalism.

Well, you know what I say about Paris Hilton, so decorum prohibits me from repeating it here.

And "LinLo"? I second Crossgirl's yack.

Paris was probably just responding when "LinLo" (gag!) said "The drinks are on me".

luckily for the host, the drink landed on the
LinLo-eum and could be wiped up easily...

Tsk,tsk. Alcohol abuse.

I suppose it's a good thing, but no one seems to have picked up on the Paris sharing stockings with Britney reference. According to Hollyweird gossip, the two are having an affair. At least there can be no offspring.
passes out brain bleach, after using some herself.

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"Paris is now sharing stockings with Britney Spears" Ewwwww. You'd think one of them would have more sense. They'll probably catch whatever diseases the other has.

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