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November 27, 2006



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America's most hated? Try America's Most Pathetic. And that's coming from a lab rat.

I'll buy that self assessment

"....Federline has been lambasted in the press as a gold-digging freeloader."

No...this is the reason he is the most hated.

"Gift a Maruti to your loved ones in India"

Yes sir, right away.

Um, by the way, what's a Maruti? Some kind of vegetable? And is 'gift' really a verb?

Since the split, Federline has been lambasted in the press as a gold-digging freeloader.

Oh, now c'mon there K-Fed. We were lambasting you as a gold-digging freeeloader long before the split.

i thought oj was the most hated. maybe they could have a cage match for the title.

am also thinking that the packed house that came out to see his show was expecting him to really be playing with fire. how disappointing.

I think he needs a new therapist. This one is feeding him a line.

So how long before we see K-Fed and Paris Hilton swappin' spit? I only ask so I can go into hiding beforehand.


Mr Fed,

It isnt because you married Brittney.

Thank You,


Lairbo -- my thots, exactly ...

Dang. Delusion crowns its King.

We're sorry, Mr. Federline, but you do not meet our admission standards. I must ask you to leave, or else you will be forcibly ejected.

Hate? I'm not even mildly bothered by K Fed. Is disinterst too strong a word?

I agree with crossgirl. OJ is America's Most Hated. For K-Fed to become as hated as OJ, he'd have to cut off Britney's head, kill an innocent waiter, and knife the dog. And then he'd have to be an ass about it. For now, K-Fed can be second most hated.

Just one small point: I believe that Mr. Fed actually said, "f*ck the haterz." These details are small, but important.

He thinks Brittany is America's Queen? What fantasy world is he living in? Come on.

I agree that OJ is probably much more hated than this guy. Castro and Saddam probably beat OJ though - they've killed more people anyway.

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