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November 22, 2006



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i believe her "performance" was probably better than her singing.

What's so unusual about someone puking when Paris is around?

Oh--I see--she even grossed out herself.

That poor person had to sit beside her for 5 hours with their legs touching! I wonder if he realizes he will soon be trying on prosthetics?

As a scientific experiment, I tried to sing a Paris Hilton song. I puked too.

I don't believe this story is true.....in order to puke, you must first EAT.

Nothin' like a good RAP concert$

"But my singing coach told me it was imporant to PROJECT."

Alright! I knew she had it in her.

She probably caught a look at her own naughty bits when she bent over. That'd cause anyone to puke.

Radin adds: "I find the music business charming."

what a quote

lol stevie!

I'd projectile VOMIT too if I had to hear her skanky ass "sing"....at HER!

Big deal. Johnny Rotten used to puke on stage all the time. Lou Reed, too.

Wow she actually has good taste in music.

she puts the 'barf' in 'barfly'!

If I were Joshua Rotten, I dont know whether I could resist the temptation to stick a scorpion on her. He has remarkable self-restraint.

I thought the MSNBC version I sent in yesterday had better info. Not that I care about that stuff. I just thought Y'all would want to know.

BTW. The new James Bond movie Cas(NotSpam)ino Royale was awesome.

Geese Juggler - talk like that will get your article submissions direct-filed in the recycle bin! Speaking from experience. But I'm better now.

*snork* @ insom! (like I'm surprised)

Please forgive me, that isn't how I meant it to look. I was just saying that MSNBC had more info. I am still jazzed from my first blogging a few months ago.

I don't know which is more revolting - the puking part or the looking-at-herself-every-few-minutes-in-the-mirror part.

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