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November 20, 2006


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

RELATED BULLETIN: Briitney better be careful.

(Thanks to CK)


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Twit & Tart do Vegas...

I barfed second, or maybe 5th.

and may i say, GROSS. does anyone really want to see that much of her? i think i'll stick with dora and new batteries.

I'm just sayin'... the thought of those two poor kids having this for a mother and that for a father...

Y'know, some people get divorced and just take off their wedding ring...

Trashy is as trashy does.


"Honest! It's just a cold sore..."

I took my pants off in a bar and got thrown out.
'Course I wasn't wearin' fishnet stockings.

Maybe that was it.

Here in the south we say girls like that have crotch crickets.

bali, that's just one more reason to stay up north.

btw, You're up.


Thanks, Wyo. I'm all blurry. That Doris Day lens does all it promises! NO wrinkles!

Who does she think she is? Kiefer Sutherland?

*SNORK* @ Lairbo!

YAY bali!! and Ducky!! and Ubetcha!

Welcome to our booger page!! great job Wyo!!!

she was probably trolling for a partner for world peace.

what's all this about 'pleading the filth'? is that like 'makeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstop...'

There are 27 of us there now. lots more room.

BOT, Just wonderin' how much these two girls have contributed toward world pieces.

I'd rather go back to Iraq than risk either of them.

And baligirl, Crotch Crickets WBAGNFARB with those two as lead singers.

Thanks, Jeff. Why couldn't I see that?

"Britney was spotted getting down and dirty on the dance floor to several Paris Hilton songs" - What else could you do to Paris Hilton songs?

You could puke.

Just sayin'.

What else could you do to Paris Hilton songs? is this a trick question? all I could come up was, "barf".

Ah, the question was rhetorical. I see it is provoking the desired thought. Dropping trou would seem an appropriate response, if ya get my drift.

I swear I wasn't on the phone with Wyo.

see, blurk, we're really not exactly alike.

What else could you do to Paris Hilton songs?

paris and brittany cd's are good for skeet shooting.

and pogo, I was just complaining the other day about there not bein' a punctuation mark for the rhetorical ? I think someone suggested "R".

Nah the free AOL CDs are better. They also cook up real nice in your microwave.

"cd's are good for skeet shooting." Wonder if I could do better with those than with blue rocks.

gynecologist: here is your valtrex,ms. hilton, and the giant gumball machine of antibiotics will be delivered tomorrow... any questions?

ph: yeah, like, can i work here? y'know for t.v? that'd be hot!

gyno: well, i don't think so...

ph: ...'cause i already got the stirrup thingie and a whole closet of nurse uniforms!

gyno: don't call us, we'll call you, oh and ms.hilton, remember when you have intercourse with someone, you're having intercourse with everyone they've ever slept with!

ph: and everyone they've ever slept with?

gyno: well, in your case, that would be redundant. now excuse me, i have a 3 hour decontamination to go through before i see my next patient.

*Snork* at insom!

LOL insom...pretty much sums it up.

in her case ...what goes around really DOES come around...

AAAACKKK!!! They're in my city!


Note to Britney:


/steps off soapbox, eats gumball

Some questions are just hard to answer . . .

It may be too late for Britney and a number of others

Can you handle mine?

Not even with the proverbial 10-foot pole ... and no, I'm not goin' out on the rest of that joke ...

Be careful about what , Dave? She might get a bad reputation?

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