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November 13, 2006



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So this is newsworthy because she actually had panties on?

please warn us before we go to the link. i just had breakfast. now i think i'll lose breakfast. thanks

I see London, I see France...

EEEEEW. Cellulite. And Granny Panties.

Thought it was "I see Paris, I see France", etc.

Blech! I just threw up a little in my mouth. That is just plain gross. I bet the pink butted russian hamster had a better looking rear.

The brainy end of Paris.

And she has a severe case of the zactlys.

That's not hot.

Let's hope that 2007 brings an end to Ms. Hilton's press coverage. By my accounting, she has used up about 14.57 minutes of being considered famous. If Andy Warhol was right, it should be "Paris who?" by the end of January.

Hey! K-Fed is available. Maybe we could hook them up!

ron, I'm afraid of the answer, but I'm going to ask anyways......what is "zactlys"?

I'll bite, ron. What zactly are the zactlys?

In some cases your face can look zactly like your ass.


Definitely not hot (and I have definite opinions on that)!

And I think it is "I see Paris, I see France" ... I'd rather not see your underpants!

That's Ed Zachary disease.

Scrawny, ain't she?

If you see cellulite and granny pants, you have some pretty high standards there, Nightingale.

Can't we just leave Paris' behind?

But, ...

You is Ed Zachary right.

How derriere she!

I take it you're not a fannie?


Poor Paris...she's just become the butt of our jokes...

That couldn't have been Paris Hilton's ass. Her head wasn't up it.

"Just Become"
Sorry, butt she has been a joke from the beginning.

I'm still stuck on Lindsay going commando.

*searching for brain bleach*

Baby don't got back. That the weakest excuse for a hiney I ever saw.

*borrows a cup of layzeeboys brain bleach*

I'll be glad to give her some of my extra buttage...she definitely needs it!

(skeeny @ssless byotch)

In OTHER breaking entertainment news:

Fed-Ex Meets his Fans (all 3 of them)

(note: he can only count to two)

And in case yer wondering, those underoos ain't "taupe-colored", they just need a good washing. That is all.


Does anything else really need to be said?

CherylHoward: Homegirl would need some _melanin_ in order to have some _butt_!

'Steatopygia': the genetic predisposition of the Khoisan of the Kalahari (aka 'Pygmies') and other Africans and those of African descent to have fatty deposits on the buttocks (1. yes, you need a little extra something in the deserts and jungles and 2. yah, black people tend to have butts [I are one])

chino, cubans must come from a similar background as we too are predisposed to have a little something something (actually a LOT of something something in some cases) in the back room (IFYWIM)! and yes, I are one...

and IYKWIM also...

Is there anyone in the world that hasn't seen Paris' crotchal region by now?

Why the constant fascination with oxygen thieves?

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