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November 16, 2006



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. . . random bare buttocks, licks to the head. . .

Sounds like an average subway ride to work for me.

*snork* @ Lairbo

I wuz born ready ...

... um ... or ... mebbe not?

ACKshully, this outfit sounds rather like a modernized Monty Python-ish, SNL-ish, Laugh-in-ish ... ISH! BARFING? ISHISHISH!!!

And ICK!

I can't wait till we copy borrow the concept here in America: The American Barf Idol.

Wait a minute...Isn't this show simply about my seven years at college?

... um ... Siouxie? American TV has already "borrowed the concept of BARF programming ... Reality TV ... except ... it's not funny ...

OtheU...what?? you don't think American Dancing with the Skating Stars Survivor Fit Club Idol is funny???

whoops...gotta go work...be back later!

*Pulls Lairbo's newspaper down and jingles coin cup under his nose. Sneers at his unblinking demeanor*

Is this really a DB book signing?

MtB: Wattayoulookinat?

Around here we just call it "Saturday".

This sounds funny odd instead of funny ha ha.

*Feigns blindness; stumbles at convenient train lurch and picks pocket*

*Offers the Lord's blessings and moves on*

[Goes back to reading paper] Hey, Dave's gonna be on the radio!

I'll bet he wears a blue shirt for the radio.

I'll bet he wears a blue shirt for the radio

sorry, I'm studderin' this morning

Austrailians must be beggin for entertainment if this is what they consider funny. *baaarrrffff*

This is an hillarious show. If you ever get the chance to see "Little Britain," perhaps on BBCAmerica, you will laugh your bare buttocks off.

It would have to be all the funnier on stage, with Doctor Who narrating and providing the segues between skits.

Siouxie ... as to: American Dancing with the Skating Stars Survivor Fit Club Idol ... -- sorry, never heard of 'em (until you mentioned 'em) ... and ... I doubt that I will ever watch/listen ... my scant (2-6 hours/month) TV watchin' is not likely to view this ilk (not ICK -- well, mebbe ... yes, ICK!)

did anyone else notice the headline was

coming up

'Tis the kinda thing you think of after eating too much vegemite.

And "too much" is what, in America, we would call "any."

Vegemite is vile stuff. Makes me retch just to remember how much of it I watched my friends there smear onto toast.

Tea and bickies I enjoyed. The lamb - superb. The rum, quite good, what I recall of it. Vegemite? No thanks.

Somebody has to say that Random Bare Buttocks WBAGNFARB.

it is hilarious on bbc america. but barf nite is a college thing, right?

Okay, I think we can officially ignore my "Masterpiece Theater" comment on the "I'm a Celebrity" thread.

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