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November 08, 2006


Be careful.

(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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Oh Deer.

The buck stops there.

the buck stopped...uh..there?

*over loudspeaker*

Herb, Blitzen on aisle five.

The Blog appears to be in a blogging frenzy...he must have a book he's trying to strumpet or something...

yikes, Edgar...almost psychic simul...

Aisle five, check

Rather ironic that the buck ran into a TARGET store.

good thing he ran out an open, and not a closed door.

and *snork* Sioux, "buck stopped here."

d'ya think he came from WalMart?

Pre-Christmas mission for Santa Claus.

Thanks Wyo!

And WTF is up with the robot?

He left when he saw the rifles in the sports department. *if you ask me, when you hear yourself described as an 8-point anything, it's time to run for cover*

Waves to Herb *hee hee*

Did anyone else think of WMD's while reading the title?

*Dyslexics of the world -UNTIE!*

*snork* @ Esther

Snorkin' right back at ya, LBFF!

*waves at LBFF and giggles*

And tingles a little at the simul.

..."Polk County Animal Control arrived.

'He was tired and scared. His tongue was hanging out,' Frasher said."

Sounds like Polk County Animal Control is out of control.

Esther, were you the agnostic insomniac dislexic who stayed up all night wondering if there really was a dog?

Actually, I'm more apt to walk into a bra and order a bree...

that reminds me of a joke-
Punkin walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long....oh, deer!"

Jeez, why all the panic? Poor guy was probably just looking for some reindeer games.

The buck caused no damage and left no droppings.

Poor thing was scared sh!tless.

He was applying for the bilingual ass position.

* double snork * at sly

Maybe not at the Target, but I have been there: The overwhelming sensation of severe rectal tension. Or as my daddy would say, "I think my A$$hole just slammed shut."

because blurkie's not here to say it -
"Nice rack!"

and a belated *snork* to just ducky for pointing out that it was a TARGET store.

overheard from the crowd - "...tsk, tsk...this would NEVER happen in East Des Moines."

Maybe he was looking for the 99cent store and needed change for a buck.

Annie's on a roll.

Would you have any grey poupon?

Deer prudence - not.

He was looking for the jewelry department. He was bringing his gemsbok.

He was filling in for the Wells Fargo truck - there to pick up the doe.

And now, deer reader:

Poor dear!

You gotta have hart?

D'oh! A Deer! A female deer! <- The Simpsons

Because the Moose Lodge was closed?

Deer Hart, I want you to know...

He had to put his purchases on a charge card, because he didn't have any doe?

that's one Serious Roebuck there....

Wow - happy pun day, everyone. What a way to celebrate.

It went North on Fawn Hall.

Good morning, Right Coasters!

Muskrats and wombats and terrorist squirrels,
New books and dumb crooks and boys that are girls.
Interesting toystores and misguided deer,
These are the reasons that I snorked my beer.

Stupendous catcalls when Twitney dumped Kevin,
Vigorous strumpeting 24/7.
Boogers and snorkers with differing views,
These are the reasons that Mel hates the...news.

Canucks run amok and some Britons need glasses,
Big ugly snails and they're hiring @sses,
Studly hot pronghorn and nasty hot fat,
These are the reasons I am where I'm at.

When your job bites,
When your butt stings,
When you're feelin' bad
You simply remember these snorkable things
And then you won't feel so sad!

Xlnt, xlnt, xlnt...you do like that song, don't you?

PS Your "Mel" song is even better; I did one to the same melody but it doesn't hold a candle.


html-fu crapped out. but it's worth it.

eventually it all comes out in the wash.

"No corporate-mandated contingency plan in place."

"Randall, I specifically told you to come up with a contingency plan for wildlife entering our stores."

"Sorry, sir, I thought you meant squirrels."

Just a reindeer checking on the Christmas stuff for Santa.

8-point Buck? And here I always thought a buck was eight bits.

The deer ran through an automatic door near the store's one-hour photo lab, danced on the floor...

Now was its dance a soft hoof shoe, or perhaps a buckfoxtrot?

"He was tired and scared. His tongue was hanging out." Sounds like me when Mrs. Layzee drags me around the mall.

Being involved in my company's upcoming Disaster Recovery (for our Information Technology systems; I'm a DBA [Oracle/SQL Server]), this paragraph got my attention:

"Frasher said the store had no corporate-mandated contingency plan designed to deal with the wayward deer, which led employees on a lap around the store before running out an open door about 20 minutes later, just before Polk County Animal Control arrived."

Hmm...maybe I'll have to include a Deer Contingency Plan in my DR documentation...

Deer. Target. Reference: "Bummer of a birthmark, Hal."

For those who get it, enjoy. All others, kindly move along...


love the song. It's the best parody of any song I've heard.

I think the deer was rather behoofed to leave.
*from the loud speaker*

*Deer:8, Target employees:0*

Don't worry, I'm just horsing around.

Oh deer I seem to have run out puns,
could any of you spare me some?

WD, I love the Far Side© - I've already got my desk calender for next year!

Annie, Whatever you are on today, I want some!

WriterDude, I got it and I enjoyed it.

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