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November 22, 2006


If you feel like reading a story of the heart, maybe you can help me help Sahara Aldridge? She's a precious 12-year-old girl and I am rolling a tour bus out of Cincinnati with 56 souls on board to attend the Rick Springfield Benefit Concert December 8th in Cape Giradeau, MO. The S.E. Missourian has my story on their website, or you can drop by my place.
My Best,
Michael Manning


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A celebrity doing a nice thing. Take heed, Paris "aren't your 15 minutes of fame over YET" Hilton.


Do Not Open This At Work Unless You Work For Mother Theresa!

Nice story.

a life, get a

Unlike any man I have ever known that is "between jobs", at least this guy is doing something truly worthwhile. Obviously, I'm thinking that sitting around swilling cheap beer, scratching your nads and farting are not worthwhile. Some of my "between jobs" friends might not agree.

Let me just say that I met Rick Springfield a couple years ago, and he is still a major hottie. And very nice. I took my Mr. straight back to the hotel and told him "Turn off the light, and don't talk." Good times.

"Jessie's Girl" remains a great tune.

Never saw him live, but 'Jessie's Girl' is a great tune.

Plus, once I killed a snake while listening to it. I would never kill a snake, but was driving a back road in eastern NC, going too fast, with the stereo cranked. There was a wavering puddle of heat across half the road, my half, that resolved itself into the largest diamondback I had seen till then. I hit the brakes, dropped to less than fifty and eased around it in the left lane. As I returned to my lane and picked up speed, I spotted a 3-year old playing in a side yard, in the rattler's path.

I slowed down to zero, started backing up a quarter-mile and ba-dump de-dumped in reverse, then forward. Waved to the little kid, and continued east, listening to Rick Springfield.

I'm not in the Ohio area, but there are many ways to help out a kid!

Um, Dave? Don't you mean "Attention Cincinnati FAN of Rick Springfield"???

*ducks bali's shoe*

cj, that was very brave of you. a three year old should certainly not be playing with a rattler.

CG, *snork*, but this was a larger rattle.

Punkin, I have LOTS of shoes. But I'd never hurl one at you. I'm not so much a fan, as, just got to meet him once and was pleasantly surprised. Let's just let my 70's Crush fade away...

What a great story. At the school where I teach, a wonderful little third grade boy, age 9, just died of a brain tumor yesterday, so this story shook me up. Whatever anybody can do to help kids with cancer, I'm all for it.

Sorry for the extremely unfunny post. Been a bad day.

He will always be my favorite Working Class Dog.
A very classy guy, and the only good reason to ever watch General Hospital, if you ask me.

Prayers for Shannon.

*Loved Rick Springfield ever since GH*

Dr. Noah Drake

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