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November 29, 2006



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Meh. In Florida they get eaten by gators and here its the coyotes. First?

They get eaten by pythons in Miami too...I got a python from someones backyard that was suspiciously lumpy, I prefer to think that she had eaten a possum, though the possum may not feel that way.

Another case of shoddy reporting. What kind of carpet snake is this? Shag?

My daughter's Ball Python tried to eat our cat. But since the Python was only 3 feet long, there were some practical problems. I gave him credit for trying, though. The cat was not amused.

Well if I cought something eating my pet it wouldn't get to live comfortably in a zoo. Cirle of life: snake kills my dog, I kill the snake. Then I guess a dog would have to kill me for it to be a circle, but you get what I'm saying.

the python ate me kitty doesn't sound anywhere near as catchy as the dingo ate me baby.

casey, it's probably not a shag carpet snake, but could be a burpber.

I have a question for Mr. Kemp. Now just how did he know the snake was "pretty happy"?

And just what is a "budgie?"

No, wait. Don't tell me.

Budgie = Parakeet

now you ruined it, Hammond. My imaginary Budgie was lots funnier than an ordinary parakeet.

Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

This reminds me of our pet garter snake when I was little. We couldn't keep him in his cage or out of the fish tank. He ate all of our goldfish! And then he ran away.

OK, this post isn't funny. I'll do better next time.

Gotta agree with Art. Any snake that comes after one of my pets wouldn't get to happily digest it.

I would have liked to have seen some pictures.

Awful thought, since I have a kitty.Even if she bites me a lot anmd is an ornery little thing.... I certainoly wouldn't want her making some python happy...But then I haven't had my coffee this morning... No, just kiddin'...

*snork* @ Art

wyo, i missed the party last night but wondering if you have a full pic of the ammo bureau/chest thing?
also very jealous that you have such beautiful barn wood.

My seventh-grade science teacher had a garter snake as a classroom pet. One of the more exciting days in our class was when she put a goldfish in its waterbowl. With the guys in the class cheering like they were, you would have thought there was a football game or something. It died after a month or so; the teacher thought it was either from the perfumes and detergents on the students hands (daily pettings after the classwork was done--yuck!) or from one of my classmates throwing it at a girl (and her not catching it) earlier in the week.

*Throws an apostrophe or two up there*
I'm coming off a migraine, m'kay?

Psshh - I'd like to see a snake try to tangle with my kitty. She's vicious. She has us trained.

Too bad it's sooo cold in Wyo country, we could get him a snake to help get rid of those pesky hermaphrodite deer that are leanin on his house.

Sorry, cg, I'll have to take and post one some time, it is a cool looking cabinet, though very crude. I do have This pix of my daughter standing beside it. You can kinda see what it's like.

cg, I'll send you some barn wood with the other stuff I'm collecting for you.

soon. (you need to email me a phys. address, though.)

One of our kitty's is a 16# mostly Siamese sportin' 12 toes up front. good luck, snakey.

Wyo, that is such a cute picture of Sarah!!

Btw - your book is in the mail!!! just got picked up!

grooviness. Thanks again, Sioux.

glix, i'm amazed that the fish made it a whole month in a cage with a snake. pity the kids kept petting it.

I've got to believe that if a snake--even a large snake---was planning on dining on my pet, I wouldn't just stand there and "watch in horror". Some action would have to be taken.

wyo, must have better pic of cabinet! someone wrote all over your kid....
and i thought i sent you my address. you check myspace (yourspace) mail lately? i'll send it again.

coastal carpet python(s) wbagnfarb

*reads story in horror*

*runs home to cuddle cat*

Added apostrophes not good enough? Told you I was coming off a migraine. (I'm in advanced grammar right now--I should have caught that.)

*reads story in horror*

*runs home*

Yikes! That's another good reason to keep my cats indoors.

Wyo, "Annie's steed" must be a very patient horse to wear sunglasses. Good photo.

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