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November 30, 2006


Before you go, go.


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I guess that would be a number one?

In the first half of the year, the "aggregated loss" of Chinese airlines was estimated at around 3 billion yuan, Xinhua said.

That's a lot of mexicans...wonder where they went?? ;-P


*picturing airport security squeezing bladders during pat-down*

"You too full, you pee-pee NOW!"

Pleasepleaseplease don't let American airline executives see these ideas.

Dave, what are you worried about? You're going to Minnesota, not China. However, the same may not be true of your luggage.

snork, snork and snork.

Also, a pre-flight barf would help.

kkkk aa nnnn ''''''''''t rressssssssp ppond. 0 de de de degreeeeess.

*chips ice off keyboard*

can't go before I go either, turlet's frozen.

If I donate blood before I get on, how much fuel would that save?

Pretty damn cold here, too, Wyo. I was saying to my son yesterday that the snow was too dry for snowman building, but he didn't believe me. "Snow is made from water, Mom, duh! How can it be dry?"

I guess that's a "no-flow" toilet, eh, Wyo?

*sends Wyo some sunshine to melt that nasty snow*

*snork* @ Punkin Poo
I suppose it goes without saying that they also don't provide meals...but then, considering some of the stuff they eat in China, that's probably a blessing...

TSA official:"Please remove your shoes."
Puts on exam gloves and examines shoes carefully.
TSA official:"Please drop your pants and underwear."
Puts enema nozzle on hose.
"Now relax.."

artchick, he'll figger it out.

I don't know how airline turlets work, but this just don't make any sense to me. Can't they be made to use gravity to a holding tank, and not require some fuel expenditure? Any weight from waste deposited on the plane was there when it took off. Help? anybody? I like to understand how things work. (someone could explain women to me too, I hope.)

LOL oh Wyo, Wyo Wyo....you poor frozen man...

and Sioux, we've already got bright sunshine. That's not the problem. there's just this layer of globally warmed air layin' over us. Al Gore can kiss my butt, I'm all for some warmin' 'round here!

Why do I keep hearing Wham singing "We won't go up, before you go go"?

LOL Punkin...a classic #1 song about #2.

doesn't everyone already do this?! i mean really, who plans to wait to go til they're on the plane and their only option is the long walk up the aisle and the freaky, almost standing room only stall?

I guess some people just enjoy the airplane bathroom "aroma", crossgirl. And the thrill of trying to wipe your butt within a space the size of a cereal box.

crossgirl, not to mention that SUCTION. If you don't get up on time, God knows where you'll end up...or down.

*always goes before going*

If you use one o' them plane poopers, do ya sit or squat? and does the answer hinge on sanitation or turlet construction?

Okay folks - gotta go get ready to meet a friend for our annual "Holiday Season Bitch About The Relatives" luncheon!

Will check in with y'all when I return.

Wyo, whatever you do...do NOT flush until you're at least half way out the door!!! It's got Hoover Suction power.

Have fun, Punkin...don't talk TOO bad about your dear MIL ;P

Punkin', we usually wait a little later in the month for our bitch about the relatives session. Nice to have their latest Christmas letters to add fuel to the fire, so to speak. have fun.

damn, punkin beat me to the wham reference.
down here we just bitch about our relatives all year long.

Well, you could go before you board the plane, but since it's a Chinese airline, you'll just have to go again in an hour.;-p

Wyo - This is a pre-emptive session......it's best to crack the lid and let out some steam beforehand.

Tee-hee... I read your comment as "it's best to crack the lid and let out some steam behind" the first time through, Punkin.

"If each seat is loaded with three 450-gram magazines, another 60 tonnes will be consumed..."

Huh? Four hundred and fifty grams is one pound. Evidently the Chinese don't believe in light reading.

Gotcha, Punkin', we'll have to try that. might save a life or a limb.

Steamin' Piles of Poo WBAGNFARB. WBAGNF... ummmm, nothin' really.

*snork* @ LBFF

Wyo, in Miami, having no REAL use for a fireplace, we use those nice cards and letters from relatives to help roast the pig.

Or burn parts of the city...

*stops Siouxie's sunshine & replaces w/the darned humidity*

Here ya'go, Wyo. if this isn't hot & wet enough, I don't know what is...

Here ya'go, Wyo. if this isn't hot & wet enough, I don't know what is...

Oh, my.

off topic:

ec, are you going to Carl Hiaasen's book signing on the 14th??? I just got the e-mail from B & B.

back to the regularly scheduled blogging topic of...(what were we talking about??)

Another cost-saving technique will keep 47 million yuan (3 million pounds) a year in the airline's coffers, Xinhua said.

3 million pounds of Yuan poo? American poo?

Notice, CH, that I did not mention anything about hot or wet...it was hard not to. that is all.

*snork* Siouxie said "hard." LOL

Siouxie, yes. I will be taking a day off that Thursday, as the company's holiday party is on the new "inventory" Wednesday evening.

soooooo CH?? you said hot AND wet!! pffffffft!

I guess I'm just seeing things, then. Thinking too much about those old BBS days in Alaska, where the women were... well, never mind.

that's on the OTHER thread, CH...sheesh...

Hey Wyo and Siouxie at least your temps stay relatively consistent. In Philly it's gonna be 72 tomorrow and 40 on saturday.

Yeah, yeah, gotta keep my threads straight. Reminds me of the time... nevermind.

yikes, Art. I like consistent. Hot. Humid. but consistent.

keeping threads straight is different from keeping threads on.

Oh! Oh, okay.

That reminds me, when is No Pants Day, again?

Can threads stop being straight? I thought scientists decided that wasn't a choice.

Chris, are we getting all scientific again??
Remember our brain cells stop working below 70 degrees down here in Florida.

So DPS, scientist say threads can only be gay?

Art, nttawwt right???

No. Just that they are what they are and can't choose to be something that they are not.

yeah what siouxie said.

We have snow!! Real fluffy, pilin' up snow! I'm so excited! Of course, I get to stay home, so that's the best part.

:) Punkin...a classic #1 song about #2

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