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November 16, 2006


A potentially dangerous snake was seen heading in the direction of... celebrities!


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Hey Dave! don't you have to be on the DeFede show in like two mins???? HURRY!! I'm listening & waiting!

whewwwww you got there!

*snork* @ groupie comment!!

Geezer Groupies wbagnfa group of old RBR followers...

LOL the Holy Brassiere! I remember DeFede riding accross country with the VM grilled cheese sandwich...that was so funny.

GREAT interview!!


Why couldn't the deadly snake go after Paris or Fed-X?

Damn. Missed it.

What groupie comment? There was a groupie comment and it WASN'T made by me? How could that happen?

Dangit Lisa!! it was just ON! He mentioned that the RBR groupies were around the same age AS the Rolling Stones LOL

WHICH btw, is not true...they're probably older.

we're the baby groupies ;)

Ah, I see. Well I do remember that one lady with her fingers in her ears.

She might have been Rolling Stones aged.

So ... if one is "aged by the Rolling Stones" ... that would mean ... um ...

Nope ... nevermind ...

I don't know, I started to say 'stone aged' but that was wrong on a couple of levels.

Especially a Keith Rich@rd level.

Dang. Now I'll just have to hope the Celebrity campers don't notice the scorpions. If those don't work, I'm fresh out.

Anyone else see that ad for the singles site?

Looks like K-Fed has moved on already.

Who is Lauren Booth?  Is she a celebrity, or does she just play one on the tele?

If they were really celebreties it could have been an agent. On the other hand, in my part of the planet black snakes are harmless. And they eat rats. Good to have around.

Didn't an American version of this show run here for, like, five minutes? And it's still running in the UK?

Remember, this is the country that brought us "Masterpiece Theater."

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