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November 29, 2006


...may be found here.

(Thanks to Neil G., who is going to hell)


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I am apparently also going to Hell.

What tasteless? That's obviously a great piece of art.

(... can't believe I was first in line to go to hell...)


(sorry Jesus)


I'm right there with ya!! oh and I believe Chris is joining our little field trip.

Are there any beignets there in that handbasket? :-D

bo beignets, but I am trying to work up the ambition to bake some cookies before bed this morning...

That's so bad it's good!

Nobody every said Jesus can't jive.

"ever" even

*steps nervously away from the blog hoping to dodge errant lightning bolts*

Oh, and SNORK!!!


Absolutely hilarious.

"NO" beignets. Apparently I haven't the brains left to bake. Oh well.

If I've got a one-way ticket downstairs, I might as well confirm the reservation.

more coffee snorkage. Thanks Dave.

/now nervously watching for lightning....

The people I work with think I'm insane. Sitting in the corner, laughing hysterically.

So funny, therefore I'm on my way there, too. However, I will get kicked out for selling ice...

Neil!!!!!!!!!!! That was just wrong on so many levels....

Major snorkage!

*frantically starts weaving basket*

I'm coming too!

*thinks hell won't be so bad afterall...her friends will be there*

Anyone for a hot beverage??

asbestos undies - check
ice water - check
spf 345,000,000 sunblock - check

Hmm... this basket is getting crowded.

*wonders if the devil will throw us all out when s/he figures out we could take over*

*wonders if satan would keep EC's snowcone maker*

Crap. new linky

Guys, we're gonna need a bigger handbasket...just sayin'.

Leetie, those are great! *SNORK*

Leetie-Great collection! I tried to log in and leave a comment, but the pop-up blocker stopped me.

So just consider yourself *snorked*

This one, along with all linkies, is definitely Snorkerrific.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions... and apparently some hilarious Jesus sightings and pictures.

If hell is any warmer than Oregon this morning, count me in.

On the one hand, you write a nice Christmas book;
on the other hand, you link to trash like this. You are most curious, Dave.

a snork-fest.

The blog is better than this. And funnier.

I just got back from the post office. Satan says hi to all, and is expecting us soon. (Didn't everyone know that the post office in this season is one of the most direct entrances to Hell?) It would be sooner, but there was a tragic error involving the shipment of our handbaskets falling off the truck and then getting run over. The good ole USPOS is denying responsibility and trying to avoid paying out the insurance. Whoever has the original receipt needs to find it and go there...

I am sorry - I can't figure out what it is they are trying to spell. Can someone please clarify it for me? Is first letter "Y"?

I happen to believe that Jesus had a sense of humor, and that this joke (perpetrated by a group of young boys—imagine that) doesn't in any way diminish His gift to the world.

Just MHO.

Wonderful picture. A classic.

Wish I'd thought of it.

Leetie, I'd have to shave my dog's ass to get that good a look at it. I have to trim it anyway every month or so in order to keep the .......nevermind.

Bill, yes...the first letter is a Y as in

Y. M. C. A. it's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.

*no need to thank me for the earworm*

Lisa, I totally agree ;-)

Lisa, I agree. I have left several churches and temporarily given up on looking for another due to the well-meaning, fire-and-brimstone hell preaching of humorless uber-Christians. Apparently God and Jesus don't like me anymore for marrying outside of my faith (and race). Go figure.

Not that I'm still angry or anything.



Leetie, I'd have to shave my dog's ass to get that good a look at it. I have to trim it anyway every month or so in order to keep the .......nevermind.

Rita, thanks for sharing that but Way TMI.

*very glad to have a shorthaired dog*

Darnit! I just took a peek and now there's a raincloud brewing up outside my window... Anybody got a spare lightning rod?

Longhaired dogs are sooo much harder to keep tidy. And SHED so much more...

Tammy-Some prejudice is disguised as religion.

I know, Lisa. Most of it, even. I never had a high tolerance for that sort of thing BEFORE I met it so personally. And now? Far, far less. What happened to judge not lest ye be judged?

My mental image of what Jesus really thinks of this picture is him shaking his head while laughing, calling them little punks.

And maybe then giving them all a painful rash for a while.

*tosses Mrs Wheezer my lightning rod*
I probably don't need it in the desert.

Ends rant, gets off soapbox, turns high horse loose in the pasture.

Sorry folks. The humor police annoy me.

And now it is seriously raining outside. Jesus really is just laughing... Right? Right!?

Yes. Well, probably....

(finishes switching gears to low dudgeon)

Go ahead, Rita. Remember that we have the freedom and the maturity to say DINGLEBERRIES here on this blog.


What I guess I don't get is why it's okay to post this sort of thing, knowing that it will be found hurtful and offensive by some, yet it's not okay to shout racial epithets that are found hurtful and offensive to others -- and both are in the name of alimighty Humor.

An off-the-deep-end fundamentalist, I still get the joke -- however it's just not as funny to me.

The unfortunate part is that subsequent postings show that this one post is taken as an invitation to pile on, posting more of the same type of thing and laughing about it.

This was a bad choice, Dave. I wish you wouldn't post this sort of thing in the future.

This is just absolutely hilarious, making fun of someone being crucified (even if He wasn't the Son of God). What's next making fun of a guillotine victim or someone in an electric chair? I guess I'm just not cool enough for all of you hip people.


Lighten up!. Nobody is making fun of someone beign crucified.

Snorks all around.

is it getting hot in here?

Hey, I'm a very devout Christian. I found the photo, and the subsequent postings, hillarious! They're not mean-spirited or anti-Christian, just absurd to the extreme.

I think it is to our credit that--unlike some fundamentalist moslems--we can enjoy a good joke!

I laughed out loud! That's a problem, because I'd just taken a drink of tea, and it came spewing out my nose! Peppermint herbal tea does not make a good sinus cleanser, in case anyone was wondering!

I would like to remind all that this is a humor blog and not a religious one...which I'm sure there are plenty out there. I am a Catholic and have the most respect for all faiths and yet I still found this extremely funny - NOT because of the crucifiction.

/end rant

Jesus probably laughed too...is all I'm sayin'

Absolutely. It most definitely is a humor blog. And at times some people can be expected to not get the joke, or not to think it's funny.

But does that permit the posting of anything under the guise of humor?

Michael Richards was just being funny, right? What's not funny about what he said? I mean, come on, it was just a joke. Lighten up! If you're offended, you obviously didn't get the joke; you're humor-challenged!

The point is that there are some things that you know will be found to be offensive or hurtful to portions of our population, no matter how funny they may seem to you, personally. In those cases, decorum suggests that those things oughtn't be the topic of humor, out of respect for others.

My personal problem here wasn't that Dave posted the picture, though I question the sensibility of his doing so. The real issue arose when the "me too" crowd interpreted the posting as open season on Jesus jokes, which was unnecessary and probably more revealing than they intended.

Dave (or anyone else) can't maintain a broad appeal if he turns his audience against themselves, or alienates members of his audience altogether. It was a dumb choice.

"You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself." -- Rick Nelson

I came through one more www.jokesmsquote.com

I came through one more www.jokesmsquote.com

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