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November 22, 2006


We're amazed that the writer didn't find a way to work in Peter Piper.


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I'm plumb speechless

>I>reamstown? *snork*

"a weapon of mass distruction"? How fat was the Doctor?

puny pecker problem??

Ooh! New tongue twister! Try saying it three times fast.

See, journalism is alive and well.

bali: more like a weapon of mass d!ck-struction.

HEAD-line indeed....

people with puerile penises get pissed and perplexed when the press pokes fun and post "pee-pee" puns like "pee-wee pecker" or "dinky pinky" or "sweet pickle" or somebody finish this for me my head hurts

Four years, ten months? He finally got his long stretch....

Parsimonious and penurious pictorially. Pathetic.


Poor puny-peckered perp. Probably pretty pissed.

Perhaps psycotherapy?

Ya think the physician had to pick out the perps' poorly plumped puny pecker in a line up?

Pretty pathetic pecker proprietor causes panic. Sends pyrotechnic package to plastic phallus physician. Pitiless prison playmates probable.




I know where this prisoner can pick up a purloined penis....

just sayin

I pitty the poor peckerless person...prison probing probably.

probably = probable!!!

*thaws out frozen pinky*

casey, that purloined penis is probably putrid by now..just sayin'

*thaws out frozen pinky* ~ Siouxie



if there was a best of Dave's World archive, this thread would hafta go in it

I agree TCK!

I am soooooo glad I am not drinking anythng right now. I would be in pain and ordering a new keyboard.

Poor, poor prisoner. In an attempt to produce a penis proportionately prodigious, the phallus physician purportedly produced a petite and puny version. No wonder he was pissed.

You guys have no idea how long it took me to do this. Do I get an award or something? A prize or a present?

In other news, STIX NIX HIX PIX...

Looks like he'll have lots of opportunities to try out his new unit.

shouldn't it have been "penal punishment"?

poignantly perfect, casey! you just won a perishable prick providing you pick it up prior to putrification.


Why was this purported puny penis parable datelined Philadelphia? Perhaps the publishers proposed that "Reamsville" is a perfectly appropriate name for a peaceful, placid place in Pennsylvania (ala Intercourse, Blue Ball, Bird-in-Hand)?

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