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November 13, 2006


Notice how I have gone several days now without mentioning that my book is still for sale.


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Book? I thought you were a musician???

You haven't had time to mention it....look at all that is happening in the world right now. Who has time to strump a book?

We were just commenting on this a few threads ago. Could you PLEASE provide more details?

WOWSA! A new BOOK!!!You MUST tell us MORE!!! What's it about?? Is it a humor book?? Are there boogers in the story?? Where can we get a copy?? Is it out yet?? Will there be a movie version? If so, will the RBRs play the theme??

Inquring minds...

How many copies am I supposed to buy. I have a discounted day of shopping at Borders tomorrow. Of course the real reason I have it tomorrow is because Carl Hiaasen's new book comes out tomorrow. I was going to send copies of his Daveness's book to my parents and Bro for X-mas

bought it. read it. bought the t-shirt.

There's a t-shirt too??
Where do I get that??

Hang in there, Dave. I was selling a refrigerator once and it took weeks. Besides, I think most people already have a book.

Notice how I have gone several days now without mentioning that I only by funny books.

Dave, don't be so insecure. our b&n sold out within the first two days. they assured me that more were on the way in. since it's on the recommended gift list, i don't think that you will have to worry about earning an honest living any time soon.

Dave wrote a book? Why hasn't this been mentioned in the media?

Two questions:

1. When does Dave find the time to actually write? With his travels through airports, both large and small, how can he stop and actually focus?

2. How can the DBB's (Dearly Beloved Bloggers) get an autographed copy? (Subtle hint...)

Water travels in a cycle,
yes it does!

Cheryl, I think Dave is just being modest about it...he never TOLD us he was a writer with a book out now...for sale...in stores everywhere...for the holidays...which we may wanna buy if we were looking for such a book...which btw, he did write.

Not to mention this is the sen=cond time I have mentioned that I still have the book on order, dear Blog...

Er, fat fingers and no preview. Fix that up there to SECOND time - and I'm going to give the robot a second to recover from the flub...

Dave Sedaris wrote another book?

My copy is at least somewhere in the Philly area....Just waiting on the ultra-reliable USPS to get it to me.

I still think he's a shill for Stephen King.

Dave, I went looking for it at Stuff Underpaid Overworked Employees Wal-Mart last night, but couldn't find it.

Don't tell me I might actually have to go to a real book store to get this.

Buy a copy , send it to Dave. He will sign it and send it back...ianmtu.

Why are we always that last to hear about these new books?

I demand more book coverage on this blog.

Well, well, well, looky here. It's Monday, and Steve (The 24 guy) is cavortin' about the blog demanding more literary works from people other than himself....hmmmmm.

Um....er.... ....uh....

I lost my writing crayons?

PB, Jessica is right. But be sure and also send an SASE with it. :)
/end helpful hint

Got it Dave. I am just about done with a book on John Adams. Although I'm pretty sure your contributions to society will dwarf his, I'm gonna finish it first.


I did notice, Dave, but I read it anyway. I don't think I'll be able to look at a Nativity scene this season with a straight face.

Does the post right above this read "We in Asian nations also think Dave's book is funny"?

PB , I'm impressed. You don't sound Asian.. Who knew?

*will have the Kung Pao chicken...special fried rice*

...favorite "lethal weapon IV" line....It's fried rice , not flied lice, you plick!

PB - actually, it's Moss Code for "help...being held hostage in...small, blue squares..."

A signed book by our favorite rock star?
A tee shirt?
Chinese Food?

I am speechless.

Also. I want this book (preferrably signed in crayon).

"Hang in there, Dave. I was selling a refrigerator once and it took weeks."

LZ - Was your refrigerator running?

"it's Moss Code for 'help...being held hostage in...small, blue squares...'"

No sillies, it's the back of a chadless ballot.

I promoted the Borat movie for months on my myspace page. I take full responsibility for the movie's success.

I will now tear down the Borat promotions and make my myspace page a shrine for Dave's new book. And, just watch, come Christmas time, it will hit the bestsellers lists. That's just the kind of promotional power I have. If it's on the bestsellers list already, I take credit for that too. You're welcome, Dave!

Here's the myspace page. myspace.com/joeplee It will take a few days before the page is fully updated.

If it makes you feel any better, Dave, I did buy the book, and I read it, and I thought it was very funny. But the great thing is that I chose it for my book club's book of the month for December, so everyone in my book club is now buying it. You're welcome!

Has it been translated into Hawaiian?

I like the Hawaiian languauge - and alphabet. It has only twelve letters. I find that fascinating.

The part of Walter will be played by Don Ho....

Well, my copy is STILL wandering around in the Philly area somewhere......Maybe today.

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