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November 23, 2006


The WKRP turkey drop.


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Probably won't unseat Alice's Restaurant as the T-day classic, but very funny.

Love the Hitchcockian end.

I think that it should become a Thanksgiving tradition - first the WKRP Turkey Drop, and the Arlo on the sound system.


I'm confused.

The original "The Office". I loved this show.

I don't know who had prettier hair, Loni Anderson or Gary Sandy.

I can't remember what the episode was about, but there was one where Gary Sandy got knocked unconscious and Loni Anderson resuscitated him.

Remember that one, ladies? Ooh-la-la.

Agreed with both of the above comments. Happy Thanksgiving to Dave, Judi, Walter, all the bloglits, and to everyone's families.

Dave, especially, thank you for sharing your phenomenal humor with us and for giving us an opportunity via this blog to meet, physically and virtually, a wealth of great people.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

"Both of the above" was referring to Wyo's and Pogo's comments, obviously.

Also loved WKRP, of course.

I'll play Alice's Restaurant in about 2 minutes...

We gave away turkeys too...

Well, gift certificates for the turkeys.

We didn't have to handle the real turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thank you, Susan. Have a great one!

MtB - nice to have concurrence. I saw the "turkey drop" when it originally ran. I have never spent much time in front of the TV, but that was worth it.

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"

A classic.

Our local radio station (WMMR, if you want to look them up online) has played Alice's (I think I counted right) three times today.

They also celebrated Spanksgiving a few days ago.

Lets see...

The beers are cold, the turkey is in the fryer, and, oh yeah, our young Marine is home for the weekend!

It's gonna be a good day, Tater.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Ahh....good 'ol Les...one of the many other things I'm thankful for this Turducken Day... :)

Happy Thanksgiving! That was a great WKRP episode.

winner of the Buckeye Newshawk award...

Let's not forget another Thanksgiving tradition....

"We'd rather eat turkey" by Dave

And now, more news, and Les Nessman!

Did you know he was the 3-time winner of the Silver Sow award?

Happy Turkey-Daze, Bloggers!


spanksgiving?! hmmmmmmmm.

last week the fun members of my family celebrated thanksgetting where you GOT to bring whatever you wanted for dinner. it was for the kids. we let them eat at the big table and we sat at the kid's. we had skittles, cheesy bread sticks, 'taters and gravy, birthday cake, watermelon, cookies, blt's, pigs in blankets, brie and crackers, sangria and eggnog. a good time was had by all! it made up for today.....

What? Today sucked? I don't think so. Unless you're an avid Bucs fan today was gorgeous and I ate until it hurt to yawn.

Come on, spill the beans....

Be careful before dropping a turkey into hot oil . . . (PSA)

I'm spending Thanksgiving in southern Indiana. On the news, there was a story about a flaming turkey fling; with video of a guy in a kilt flinging a turkey on a football field.

I saw that BEFORE the alcoholic beverages.

MKJ, I am thankful for that link. Good program I have never seen.

well cj, i would in fact be a bucs fan.....

We're more civilized in Charleston, SC. We have a turkey shoot. I shot 3 just last night.

I spent yesterday afternoon looking for this episode in my tapes of WKRP reruns. I didn't manage to find it.

*bookmarks for next year* Got the Bob Newhart "Moo-goo-gi-pan" Thanksgiving episode somewhere for me, too?

Estelle -- MORE moo goo gai pan. One of the all-time classics. Why don't they re-run Bob Newhart anymore?

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