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November 22, 2006



(Thanks to Suzy Q)


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*quoting Dave*


YAY SuzyQ!

Wow, she has a really long right arm . . .

My thoughts exactly, Mahatma.


maybe she could hook up with oj.....

There's an arm in that picture?

Let's see - OJ, Shaq, Twitney....Miami is LA's dumpster.
(although I kinda liked Shaq)

Yeah, CH, a little to the left.

CH? Hellooo?

Calling all hurricanes.
Calling all hurricanes.
Rendezvous at Twit's in Miami.

*Please note: I mean the weather, not the team.

Told ya, Siouxie! That anguished NOOOOOOO was also from me. The very thought of this is making my eye twitch.

Dave, all the more reason for you to move to Tejas.

Hey maybe we could send Britney to Svalbard.

Property values just went up in 49 states.

I'm just glad that she's further away from here.

Anyway, after she finishes falling from the star-struck firmament, she won't have that far to drag her junk in a U-Haul, now that she's based in Florida.

Florida, home of the Everglades, and very convenient alligators...

It would be a shame to waste those....ummmm......arms, yeah arms, on alligators.

How are they coming on that anaconda pheromone?

I never found Spears to be particularly attractive . . .

I say this blog follows her around waiting for her to take her pants off again

While I have a certain natural respect for her, um, arms. There's just something a bit creepy here.

OK, a lot creepy.

AAAAAAAAAARGH! Wyo, that's as bad as a Manilow link. Worse, maybe.

*brainbleach brainbleach brainbleach brainbleach*

Clean Hands, what if Barry Manilow "sang" a Britney Spears "song"? How bad would that be?

Britney Thru The Years

You put the idea in my head.

Seeing how Miami is as far as you can get from my home in Seattle all I can is YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Oh by the way if that picture of Seattle makes you think of moving, here is a more accurate picture of my home town.

Addicted be careful, there's someone else looking to be as far away from Britney as possible, and you wouldn't want K.F, as we'll call him, to end up in Seattle.

Edgar I think I saw K Fed just the other day. I think he took my order.

I bet you can git a real nice trailer for that kinda money.

Maybe Dexter Morgan will find her.

OK so as I understand it, first she becomes The Blog's neighbor(whoops, there goes the neighborhood). Then she becomes a columnist. Followed by writing numerous books. Then, she puts together a group that puts out really bad music...oh wait, she's already done that, hasn't she...

C'mon Dave, look at the bright side. In a couple of years, Sophie will be Jayden James' favorite babysitter.

I was FIRST to say it and I'll be LAST:


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