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October 25, 2006


The Annual Holiday Gift Guide is coming. Santa and I have been road-testing a very special performance vehicle for guys of the male gender.
(Photo by Bob Eighme)


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To the Autobahn! (For the Erdinger's, of course.)

Very nice!

I need one of those to get me to the mailbox and back....

I need on of those for around the office here. And only a little bit for the driving.

Santa? ... in Florida?....
well, maybe for what was under the hood....

With the way the handlebars are positioned, Santa appears to be levitating about two feet off the ground. He's also leaning slightly towards the left, which hopefully will be an omen for our upcoming elections ;)

So for lord-only-knows what reason, my wife was watching When Pets Attack 2 last night. The best segment of the whole show was the reindeer kicking Santa's a$$.

PB, Dave seems to be leaning slightly to the left too, and he is wearing a blue shirt. Omens abound.

PSSSSSSSSST!, Dave! There's no such thing as Santa - RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as a hebrew person of the jewish persuasion, i never did believe in santa, but with that cool scooter, maybe i could try. hey, lose a couple lbs there, bud.

Oh, and Dave, You're in Florida - what's with the sweatshirt??????????????????????????????????

Did the temp dip below 90????????? Wuss.

*gets all disgruntled cause it's 45 in Maine*

Haven't you heard Pumpkin Poo,they're setting all kinds of low temperature records in Florida.Santa Claus just affirms that.

Punkin, it was 60 freaking degrees here in Miami yesterday morning. The Herald actually advised us to put on sweaters and jackets. I fear frostbite may be coming soon.

The special vehicle is a cooler with a Santa attached? That's amazing!

Do they make that in man size? That cooler won't hold near enough beer.

Punkin, it's WAY nippy here too!! 70's!! imagine that! I'm already wearing sweaters...

Dave, how does the scooter drive?? I need one of those too!

I bet that thing runs on gas.

it's only supposed to get in the low 70's today. i wore my coat.

why can't women of the female gender have these. do you know how hard it is to get my kids to carry the beer cooler to the beach? but mom........ it's too heavy. there's nothing here for us to drink. how come you can't drink tab like the other mom's?

reaching into the 60s would be a dream come true for me these days. The high here in this part of Michigan was 44, which is more than 10 degrees below 'normal'. If it got up to 60, I'd probably be putting shorts on, going to the beach, working on my tan...


70? 70??????????

We SWIM when it's 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We don't even take our coats out of mothballs until it hits 40!!!!

*mumbles* rassin, frackin, freeegin thin blooded, stoopid 70 degrees, grrrrrrrrrrrr

Punkin, I've already told you...you can come visit me and stay warm... ;)


Thanks, Siouxie............*snif*

Total bummer you can't come though...I'll take lots of pictures for ya!

Here in Minnesota & Wisconsin, it's has frosted which means that we have stopped wearing shorts, however most of us have not yet pulled out jackets. I can remember when I was in grade school, (eons ago)I heard they closed school in Texas because it was too cold. It was in the 20's. Here we hardly call that cool.

Just what the world needs. Beer that has been farted on.

Nice shirt, Dave. Assume that was the US Open for tennis.
BTW, it looks to be a long sleeved shirt, not a sweatshirt. Please note the logo near the hem. I think a lot of us were were long sleeves yesterday.

And wasn't it nice to sleep w/no ac for the last couple of nights. Mm-m-m-m.
Humidity creeps back in today. Okay, enough meteorology w/ec, your weather bloggal!

ec - it sure was gorgeous yesterday and this morning!

We should be back to our normal winter temps today though...that would be around 90.

i need to move further south, the heater broke in the car.

Exchange a "were" for "in."

ec - I say this with greatest love and respect - Bite Me.

crossgirl - I feel your pain....

Unlike these southern wussy girls.

(Whom I do love dearly, but let's face it - a week up North in January would kill you all.)

ec - what Punkin said.

Is that a beer cooler under the seat thing you stand on?

When I lived in Alaska, there were folks running around in shorts as soon as it hit about 45° F.

Sunbathing at about 55° F.

Seriously (seriously!) complaining about the heat at 75° F.

Seriously complaining about the cold at -30°. (C or F; they're the same about in there.)

I'd hybernate all winter if I had to live up north...brrrrrrrrrrrr

no thanks!

Back to my weather girl mode - pls don't tell me that. I was countin' on it maybe just touching 80 today & still another night in the 60s!

C'mon down. Never used the heater in my car.

ec - what Punkin said...times two.

Punkin' & blurk,
What did I ever do to you guys?

And, to everyone, I am not a native Floridian. I grew up in Rochester, NY. I'm no wuss.

hey...ya'll can come down anytime to warm up those frozen butts!

NOT so wonderful up in horse/cow country anymore eh, blurk???

The wood stove feels beery beery nice this morning.Raw, nasty day outside. Do you have one of these accessories Punkin?

Siouxie, I like to iberMate, too! Sounds fun!

Ron - I'm in frikkin Maine. Wood stoves are standard.

ec - Blurk and I love you - it's your weather reports we hate.

Siouxie, at the risk of waxing poetic:

The sight of a bald eagle soaring through a sky so big and blue you'd swear you can reach up and grab a piece of heaven...or standing in a mountain stream with a fly rod, baited with a fly you tied yourself, waiting for the big one you just know is in that little pool to take it and run...makes it all worth it.

uhhh, punkin, i'm a southern wussy girl. i live about three hours north of siouxie but that makes a BIG difference. turns up space heater under desk.

Punkin, have pity - it's 53 and cloudy in Mississippi. We are freezin' to death - I wore a wool jacket to work and carry around my blankey. It doesn't HELP that we STILL have the AIR conDITIONer ON. (composes self, stops yelling)

Anyway, I'm not a beer drinker so I'm not terribly impressed with the Santa/Dave wagon thing.

*snif* blurk...how poetic...and with no nicotine in ya!

Yeah, I'm a poet and didn't know it.

Look at that, I could make a rhyme every time.

I need a beer.

Cross Girl, my mother in law didnt believe in using the heater of the defroster in her car. Middle of winter we would be driving with the windows open to keep her windows the same temperature outside. Thea was cold I tell you.

Ok - Let me clarify - I LOVE Bloglits, I HATE the fact that some bloglits are toasty warm while I am keeping track of my toes, lest they freeze and fall off.

And so I WHINE and carry on.


Now leave me alone while I go sharpen my windsheild scraper....

make thea into "that"

was that a haiku? ;P

btw...I do know a bit of winter is worth the scenery...if I didn't have to live here I'd go where there were mountains...

punkin: they actually reported on the news last night (during one of those "conversational" bits between anchors) that one anchor had seen a woman out walking her dog all bundled up in a jacket and a SKI MASK... and running past her was a man out for his evening run in shorts and a t-shirt ;)

i myself put on 3/4 length sleeves this morning. woo hoo. it's winter!

Kittypaws, same here in Oregon (Central, High Desert) It is 27 degrees currently with a high of 50 or so today. The gardens have frosted a time or two, so we put away our shorts, but flip flops remain until at least November. Welcome to the land of layered polar fleece. The school kids go outside to play all winter long unless the temperatures are below 23 degrees.

If it was, it was a very bad one.

what's a windshield scraper?

Oh, Punkin! You're so cute we just haf ta rag ya ever now 'n then.

Punkin, can't you use your nips to scrape off the snow???

crossgirl - my daughter (who HATES the cold, even in Miami) is in Sarasota freezing her butt off already. She's probably wearing a parka.

I'll be absent for a little while. They just released some Heat seats.

*Applauds Blurk*

judi, me too!! and I have another shirt over THAT!

I almost wore my cowboy boots ;)

Here in the land of gun-toting little league dads, it's going up to 50 today. My jacket is still comfortably in the closet where it belongs. Punkin - can we WINE together?

*snorks* at siouxie, i AM wearing boots. and ref your daughter's parka, smart, sensible girl.

on a serious note, i am absolutely in awe of you folk, mainly those anywhere over the georgia/florida line, who manage to conduct actual productive lives despite such miserable conditions. if i lived anywhere near snow, i would in all seriousness, not leave the house. for anything. ever.

9-year old: YAAAYYYYY!!! It's snowing!!!

49-year old (with steep driveway): #!@#$&!!! It's snowing!!!

Another great reason to live in MT...very little firearm related little league violence.
As a matter of fact, very little firearm related violence period. 'Cause EVERYBODY has a gun. If you pull a gun on someone you better hope you're a better shot 'cause he WILL be shootin' back.

snork @ blurk

hence my hybernating during the winter scenario, crossgirl!

I, too, am in awe of anyone that can get out of the house under those conditions, only to have to scrape snow off of EVERYTHING and right before heading out...realize that you need to pee but can't cuz it'll take you 2 hours to undress and dress again...yep..I bow to you all!

Shoveling snow and being dressed THAT much are mutually exclusive. I routinely shovel in shorts, a t-shits and ski gloves. Pee breaks take no longer than usual.

What? My fingers get cold. The rest of me gets hot.

*on topic...sorta*

Dave, it's a good thing you trained us bloglits not to make fun of names because if you squeeze a "t" into the last name of your photographer...

I'm just sayin' is all...

that brain if yours, blurk...always thinkin huh??

Who remembers the Calvin with the frozen boogers?

Nooooooooooooooo - Pleazzzzzzzzzzzz not a booger conversation

Clearly, Judi and Dave need to post less controversial subjects...and fast!

I'm back.

*snork* @ blurkie. Yes, you've been forgiven.

Judi - It's 45 right now, (was 35 Sunday morning) and I'm wearing a turtleneck, jeans and my KEEN sandals. No coat yet. Sunday I laid on the bank of the Charles River in Boston (with 300,000 others)and soaked up the sun - 48 degrees was the high. Everyone was remarking at what a gorgeous day it was.

Oh - and the Chinese rowing team sank. They all ended up in the river. Which was about 38 degrees.

We laughed and laughed.

Casey - LOVE Calvin

Out here in Southern Kalifornia, we're in the middle of a cold snap. The high is only going to be 82 today, warming to 87 on Friday. And I actually had to sleep under a blanket last night. Grrr. I hate Winter in Kalifornia. We may have nights that actually threaten to drop into the 60's!

Pirateboy - You have just been added to my list of people to slap when I get out to California.

A new group is born:
Jews for Santa!

Cheryl, of course flip flops until November. (Except when working around the horses.)

*snork* at Calvin's snowmen.

i thought you were supposed to leave eggnog for santa. i don't think he likes juice.

kittypaws--or Great Dane's ;-)

Pirateboy--S. Kalifornians ae a mighty whimpy bunch. I lived in Irvine one year. It began to rain...hours later news crews were interviewing woman who stepped off her curb and was nearly drowned in a puddle. A puddle? In our neck of the woods we deal with waking up with a few feet of snow. The schools don't close, no one is late to work, and news crews don't interview people to see what they think about it.

snork & Punkin Poo. I loved the cartoons!

The Yankees may think it's funny to laugh at those of us in warm climes during winter. But, what's even funnier is to watch a Yankee fairly WILT when they come South and the themometer hits, oh, 85 or so.

Dave looks too skinny.
*makes note to bake cookies for him, as soon as it cools off a little here in SoCal*

*thinks Dave is looking MUY MACHO and Tom Cruise-like*

snorks all around. I, too, am here in sunny South Florida where I wore my turtleneck, cords and boots yesterday and was laughed at by all my friends from the north... And, I grew up in New Jersey.

Loved the Calvin cartoons.

funniegirl- I can't speak for all of us Northerners (we are not all Yankees - especially in the Boston area), but I do not WILT - I tan.

Tom Cruise? Must be the sunglasses that fooled you.

Dave, this is not an excuse to start sofa-jumping. Remember you are supposed to be a role madel for your daughter.

Trade that a for an o.

ec, what's an errant vowel amongst friends?

ec - Tom Cruise - as in dashingly handsome with those specs...not as in psychotic and totally braindead when it comes to women's issues...

Embarrassing blurk, embarrasing.

good thing you're not killing anyone, blurk...I was scared of that simul for a sec.

it's all good right??? right??

Did read that Tom Cruise's q popularity went from the top 10 to 650?
I must admit his smile & body are still magnificent. However, I just can't get past what is going on in the gray matter between his ears.
Life is too short; & there are too many fantastic men to waste time on the handsome, but obtuse.

very much agreed!

For example: Matthew McConaughey


Tom Selleck and Sean Connery also do it for me. They may be getting up there but hey, thats never a bad thing...


Just for the record, I have never jumped up and down on Oprah's couch or insulted the entire psychiatic/psychology profession.

Yes, McConaughey's another one (& Clooney), who should show up for talk shows & not speak.

we love you too blurkie ;-) *smoochies*

Cheryl, don't even get me DROOLING started on Matthew McHunkyhey!!

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