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October 26, 2006


(Via Gizmodo)


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I have no comment. Just tired of being second today.

i don't think that's a headphone, i think her ears are bleeding.

And Dave - shouldn't you be hiding eggs, or whatever it is you do, for the Hunt? And did you get my proxy hug from Siouxie?

i see punkin can't decide if she likes it better on top, or bottom.

i see punkin can't decide if she likes it better on top, or bottom.

When did this turn into a Lost theories blog?

crossgirl - I like both.....are you taking any meds for that trembling posting-finger problem?

Looks like a giant nickel.

sorry, i was just so excited.

so, thinking this must be a photoshop job, I went to another site. It's real. Just sayin.

It's real on Google Earth, too.

Boy...Apple really planned their ipod ad campaigns in advance!

Just wonderin' if there isn't some sister formation on Mars.

How come even the desert has an iPod and I don't !!!!

Looks like Jack shot it in the ear...

Still no large Indian heads.

Anybody remember the Star Trek movie, where they put a guy in a 'boo' box and put an icky bug in with the poor chap? The bug goes into his brain and does nasty things.

That's what this reminds me of.

*goes off in search for more caffeine*

thanks for lookin, spirit, I know you're gettin' bored up there.


That was Star Trek II, The Wrath of Mr. Roarke. Right?

DPC, it mighta been Office Space II. give me back my stapler!

Thank you, DPC, I believe you're correct.

"de BUG! de BUG!" was cut from the final version.

Am I the only one who sees a Native American chief complete with headdress?

Chekov: "I..I..I...captain - I mean, Mr. Roarke - it is too hard. This thing is eating my brain and it's kind of distracting."

'Course it could just be hallucinations caused by lack of nicotine.

Day three...and the saga continues.

I agree with tropichunt, Apple definately went all out for the iPod! LOL

Yeah, blurk, you're the only one. we all see nickles, like meanie said.

blurk, now that you mention it...no.

Looks a bit Egyptian to me though...I may also be hallucinating from that whiff of "Woody" Meanie sprayed all over himself.

Okay okay, so I'm a little slow this morning. All caught up now.

Well, as caught up as I ever am.

nickels, too.

*snork* @ Sioux.
And I was thinkin' that it looks somewhat Egyptian to me, too.
Jeez, the vapors must have now traveled north on the 826.

It does resemble the Pharoah Akhenaten, Tut's Dad. He was very progressive, changing Egyptian religion to worship only one God instead of many. I don't put it past him to have had an iPod. Probably got it from the aliens when they were helping build the pyramids.

Uh-oh, the vapors are now up in Maine. OMG, it's spreading too fast!!!

Looks like it's somewhere Southeast of Calgary.
Maybe Wyo can take a little drive this weekend & check it out for everyone.

Oh! I want a satellite photo of Wyo driving up it's nose!

And a sat photo of Wyo poking around for ear wax.

Maybe he'll find a giant Egyptian booger too!

Hey, wait a minute! What was Blurkie REALLY doing when he went "into the woods"? Carving a giant head, maybe??????

Coincidence???? Most probably.

Actually, blurk's closer. This is just east of Medicine Hat. (now if we were investigatin a beach formation...)

Ah HA!

OK blurk, it's up to you. Back out into the woods with your spectacularly smoke-free self.

D@mn it, Punkin! Now EVERYBODY will want to go into the woods and carve a giant head.

*looks for new hobby*

*jumps to blurks defense*

Punkin, I doubt it as he was writing tabout carving buffalo yesterday...

PSSSSSSSSST, Blurk - It was supposed to be a giant LEETIE head!

*snork* Punkin

oh and if you need to send out smoke signals blurk?? We have some extra TP around in Miami I can sent ya ;)

*hugs for the 3-say smoke-free milestone*

I was gonna do (by that I mean carve) Leetie but I couldn't find a stick big enough to put it on.

Er, ec - I don't want to jump to conclusions about our blog buddy blurk, but, um,....check this out.

Makes you wonder, no?

oh and blurkie?? you did smell nicer on that simul ...just sayin

Now we know why this thing was parked in blurk's driveway.

I hope Blurk flossed after using that.

Yikes Wyo...you and you big uh...toys...

MtB, omigosh, yer totally on the money with that one!

Wyo, do ya' think that they were forced to called it a Witch w/ a "W" instead of what they really wanted to call it?

I am SO takin' that thing out for a spin.

Gridlock? I think not.

ec, I'm certain ditch beeotch was already taken.

*snork* at gridlock...

Nipples? I don't see....... Oh. Never mind.

Bucket, go drag the image down to the Grand Tetons, and you should find 'em there.

Meanie, when I Googled "Grand Tetons" all I got was a space map of Punkin...

That's "TITons", Siouxie....and yes, they're grand.

Go figure..Google should use spellcheck...

Go figure..Google should use spellcheck...

*shoots bot*

*Shoots back*

*shows bot her kevlar copy of "Boogers are my Beat"*


*Twirls Type P@d source code around finger while whistling casually*

*schedules marksmanship training for Siouxie and bot 'cause they're both still standin'*

blurk, maybe I shoulda kicked the bot with my kickass boots, huh?

better aim with those...

"Sister Formation" WBAGN, no? Plenty of anagrams, too.

"Rift Astronomies", "Orion's First Mate", "Feminist Orators", "In Terms Of Ratios", "Is Or Is Not Fermat", "Irritants Of Some", "No Time For Sitars", "It's A Sin To Reform."

i've been a blog lurker for some time but i want to join in the fun...can i play too?

Of course you can play, too MbC.
Jump in, the water's fine.

I'm just a little afraid because I don't know if I'm as witty as you regulars.

MbC - come on up to the next thread about Oklahoma Education. That's where most of the kids are playing right now.

Also, none of us are THAT witty ALL the time. You'll be fine.

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