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October 30, 2006



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I remember I was doing back flips down the aisle saying YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Woooo Freakin Hooooooo I am glad to read that.

I also shouted FIRST a couple of times.

K-Fed: The first person ever to be awarded a copper record for his contribution to the recording industry.

Subscribers to the "Toxic" singer's mailing list received an email last week, warning them it was their "last chance" to pre-order stay away from K-Fed's album.

As well as securing a copy of the album, the first 500 lucky fans to pre-order the album will win a chance to take a headshot at the rapper.

As long as it's not cancelled so he can go off and make another baby. Not to bring the blogfest down, but...just sayin'.

Comments Gone Wild!!


Thats whats messing up post order....

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Oh, one can fervently hope, MtB. Of course, then we'd have to suffer through a month of watching Twitney cry on television about how sad and tregic her life has become...

Aw, crap, and now there's blogspam mixed in, as well? This isn't tasting so good any more.

FIRST!!!! Hooray! Today, nobody can tell whether a post was first or last!!! :-D

I am happy girl. HaHa. Can you believe it? Welcome to blog!


Well, there's always Barry Manilow at Madison Square Garden....

Even the Y2K crash wasn't as bad as the blog being broken. Oh, wait...that actually didn't happen.
This is still pretty bad, though.

Just sayin'...

"...is hesitant that his debut record may turn out to be a complete flop."

...perhaps because it will?

"If you want to hate me, cool, hate me. You know why? Because all it's going to do is help me."

Considering his chosen career (if you can call it that) requires a fan base, I fail to see how.

But I don't hate him. I tend to pity anyone that stupid.

Well since my baby left me
I've found a new place to dwell
It's down at the brand new trailer park near
Super-8 Motel

Obviously not the beginning of a new era in music.For his next career might I suggest an Easy Bake Oven? Call it Easy K-Fed.

What they didn't say in there was that immediately after the cancellation, the name of the place went from "House of Blues" to "House of Thank You Lord Jesus!"

We need KFed to get stuck in a Time Warp. Then he can be happy because it's always Album Release Day, and we can be happy because he doesn't exist in our time any more.

Sort of like Scotty in the Transporter Loop in that one episode of TNG, except no one will EVER rescue KFed.

At this very moment Barry Manilow is performing live on the Ellen show. That is all.

I remember I was doing back flips down the aisle saying YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Keep sending the love, everyone. It's working!

(Hope this stays first).

"At this very moment" appears to be a meaningless comment, at this very moment.

"House of Blues is offering a full refund to ticket holders for K-Fed's canceled show."

Why do I get the feeling that this is not going to be a big loss to House of Blues?

Cancelled for no reason?

How about "No tickets were sold."?

Maybe we'll be really lucky, and they'll pull the album, too.


Is this the best by-line ever, or what: Los Angeles, CA (BANG) ?

CH: Is that a clue from yesterday's Hunt?

If everything's working right again, this post should appear right after my "earlier" 3:06pm post.

Close enough.

All your (not you're) continuity are belong to (not too or two) us.

House of Blues is offering a full refund to ticket holders for K-Fed's canceled show.

Of course they will. If no one bought tickets, it is very easy to give a full refund.

That last comment was mine, by the way.

IMO, his regrets and recriminations for the album are coming a bit late.

Edgar--You're Alive!

Next ear worm for the day:
Does anybody really know what time it is
I don't
Does anybody really care
If so I can't imagine why
about time
We've all got time enough to cry
Oh no, no

Also, I'm claiming LAST on this thread.

Maybe not, Chris...

bali - can you prove I'm not posting from the future? I can't.

Perhaps K-Fed can go on tour with failed CEO Carly Fiornia. They can call it "The Style Witn No Substance Tour".

Public life is so painful for these two, why don't they retire to another country. Like Japan.

Maybe Mars.

*Wonders what Mars Exploration Rover Spirit did to tick off Hanna*

first mariah carey cancels, and now this. [sob] 'scuse me while i drown myself in some chocolate.

"Last chance" to order his album. Yeah, before the CD's are recycled as coasters.

I'm posting from Oklahoma. That certainly ISN'T the future. So maybe you're right...

Brittany's urging her own fans to support her hubby's attempt?

Wait....Brittany's got FANS?????

House of Blues is offering a full refund to ticket holders for K-Fed's canceled show.

All both of 'em, eh?

How in the H#ll am I supposed to sleep now?? It's so cold out here on the Wally-World side walk anyways!
Rachel Ray on the over head t.v......
Oh wait...you're open all night? Thank God.

Could you point me to the "home" section? Just let me test this little short bed for a sec.

snort "what?" blink blink--"No Kevin?"

Back to sleep with dreams of --anything but this!!

The city of Cleveland is organizing a ticker tape parade in gratitude.

The city of Cleveland is organizing a ticker tape parade in gratitude.

K-Fed up txbye

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