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October 31, 2006


Without guys, there would be nobody to develop a gun that shoots candy.

(Via Gizmodo)


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OOooo! Firearms AND sugar!

And FIRST! Mwahahaha


"Here ya go, kiddies... and don't come back!"

Hmmm... I wonder if firing Nerds candies in this manner would approximate buckshot... The kids in my neighborhood have a lot to answer for. It took me an hour to get all the taco sauce off my windows.

Happy Halloweenie!!

Aw, man, no WAY do I have time to build that in time for tonight's little terrors.

The duct tape proves this is a guy invention.

What's next? Spring loaded candy mines?

Where are my Pop Rocks and Dr. Pepper? Or my Mentos and Diet Coke?

I didn't need the gun to scare the kids away last night...I had this

step 4 The most important part.
Once you have built a 4 inch barrel potato gun, you will probably realize that pototoes are too small to touch the sides and you can't build any compression. Rutabegas work, but firing off 2 dozen of those gets expensive.

The R&D on this is amazing.

Punkin, you are totally wearing my work clothes, how did you get them, and you are wearing my hair. There must be a picture of me somewhere that you used as a model. :)

Aww Punkin! LOVE the hair & makeup...I dunno why the kiddies would be scared either.

great pic!


kittypaws - We need to get on "What Not To Wear" pretty fast!

(Or "What Not To Die In")

I'll defer to Wyo and blurk, our resident gun experts, but I'm thinkin' a Tootsie Roll (TM thingy) going 1200 feet per second could be classified as a "dangerous projectile."

oops...my bad

er..you look LOVELY, Punkin. Really.

Careful Punkin, or you will poke an eye out...

I'd say so. Shoot, my wife can make a hotcake into a dangerous projectile given the proper motivation.

so I found out.



Just received this joke.....

Two nuns are riding their bikes down the back streets of Rome .
One leans over to the other and says, "You know, I've never come this way before!"

The other nun whispers, "It's the cobblestones...."

Sorry.....couldn't resist. I'm all hopped up on Special Dark.


Last night in bed, I read the last chapter in "Boogers Are My Beat" (sniff) and my wife was reading from "Homes and Other Black Holes" and couldn't stop giggling. Also, my DVD of the "Guide to Guys" movie arrived yesterday. Anyway, the thought occured to me as I elbowed my wife for the third time, that I should share this with the blog.

mud, I am almost done with Mars & Venus and Boogers are my Beat. Next up...Money Secrets.

Major snorkaging throughout!

punkin, just lovely. next year i'll send you my ritual robes and you can scare the living bejesus out of the little whippersnappers.

Punkin, don't listen to these critcs. The natural look is always the best.

Back on topic:
Wyo, if the confetti cannon poved to be ineffective as a TP shooter, can we adapt this??????

LOL punkin, must be the "fall" look. :P

We're workin' on it, eeeek. just gotta figure out how much wadding to use.

WW - Thanks for the offer, but I have my own. (Having been born in Salem, Mass, they give them to you in the delivery room)

Too bad I don't have a video camera - there was cool thunder & lightning coming from inside the house, and the garage was set up as a torture chamber with all the sounds of drills and chainsaws and people screaming in agony.

Just another night at Mr & Mrs Poo's house.

Hmm...I'm dressed up for Halloweenie...where's all you'se's costumes?? HUH?? HUH???

(not you eeeek c)

I don't think you'd get a proper spin on the roll that way, EC. At some point here, I'll draw up and post my concept of the perfect TPeashooter™ for comment.

*Thinking that if solving the problem of Global Warming involved TP shooters, boogers or bazoombage, this blog could save the world*

*again - taking my mouse & keyboard & hiding under the desk from the noise*

Sioux, I'm all tarted up for Halloween, not in costume, but have anough holiday related attire to be the "spirit of Halloween," including bat flats!

must i say it...?
you'll shoot your eye out!!

*snork* @ crossgirl!

love that movie!!

eeeeek c, I still need to get candy for the monsters lovely children.

I am actually wearing the "Hunt" t-shirt as a lame costume today!

However, we women know how to fire back


Scary Sioux, I have the candy covered. Now watch, I'll get all of 3 trick-or-treaters. Oh well, more for the office vultures tomorrow.

Link for beth

Thanks, Davethe Red

*looks at photo of tampon shooter*
Eowwww, that thing would hurt like a son of a b, wouldn't it.

*reads description*
Ohhh... whew!

*looks at photo of tampon shooter*
Eowwww, that thing would hurt like a son of a b, wouldn't it.

*reads description*
Ohhh... whew!

*looks at photo of tampon shooter*
Eowwww, that thing would hurt like a son of a b, wouldn't it.

*reads description*
Ohhh... whew!

*slaps ec with the tampon shooter*


course, for all I know this post will be time-stamped at 12:38 and she won't feel the slap till then.

Why is the person with all these tampons a guy? Just askin'.

Ow, I felt that, SS. Not fair, i had my back turned!
And yeah, server is a tad bit sluggish this AM.

Layzee, gee, ya' thank????

Also, I assume that the model is the developer. if those hairy arms are a woman's, her costume is set as Chewbacca or a werewolf.

I'm not sure the model is the developer. The same site features tampon heart earrings (i'm not gonna post a link: for one thing it would be a cut and paste, and for another they're way too disurbing), and the model for those is definitely female.

Perhaps, but you'll notice that it's a girl shooting it.

Can you imagine ANY scenario, where you would wear something like that, the earring, of course?!?

I don't know. maybe if I was going icefishing or deer hunting or something similar I would wear them under a hat with earflaps to secretly counterract the testosterone.

Okay, I went back & looked again. Do NOT make me do this once more. The shooter is definitely a guy; look at those arms. And look closely at the earring photo, that skin has never been exfoliated; & you call that a haircut!?!

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