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October 13, 2006


As you are aware if you follow international events, I have been trying to figure out how to post CrapCam photos from my phone to my blog. A short while ago, thinking I had it figured out, I posted a Halloween photo of Walter, the walrus-penis bone. I got an email message back saying it had been posted, but I didn't see it on my blog. So I looked more closely at the email, and I realized that somehow, Walter's Halloween photo got posted to the blog of Greg Cote, a sports columnist for the Miami Herald. You can see it here, until somebody figures out what to do about this.

It is a darned good thing I have nothing to do with Air Traffic Control.


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Dave will be the First to apologize for the inappropriate post.

You really should learn to keep a leash on him. He may cause blog envy.

Nice punkins.

Okay. Any inapproriate images found on my computer, I'm blaming Dave.

oops! I'm sure Greg won't mind the extra traffic

I think I have some pics to post to that blog as well...hang on...

It's also good that The Blog is not in charge of car traffic and or trains. However, at least it was posted on another blog that works for the same paper, as opposed to say someones myspace.

bali... BEHAVE!

Okay, sport. I can't find'em anyway. I must have sent them to the Bible School Blog.

*scrub, scrub* I'll be curious to see how many posts bloglits add to that that sound almost sports related.

I promise I'll be good. Can't say nuthin' for anybody else...

Walter, the walrus-penis bone.

did we really need clarification on this?

No, SG, it wasn't TMI. What Dave was saying was, 'you know how I walked onto the back porch last week, that back porch with the sliding glass doors?' It was done and there was no way to take it back.

PS, this weekend, no rivalries.

Dave - Why is there a small plane in my livingroom????

Now we know what REALLY made that plane from LOST to crash....hmmm?? Dave??

ok..reading that back I realize it would make more sense (and better grammerization) if the word caused replaces made.

I blame the wine.

At least you've got it figured out... I'm still corresponding with TypePad (been past two weeks) how to get mine work.

... and I AM in Air Traffic Control!! Well, not really, just responsible their tech support (but lets keep that just between you and me).

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