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October 26, 2006


It's larger than life.


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does that roll go with the large economy size toilet that was blogged a few days ago?

Um, there's a typical toilet paper fire?

I'll bet the Jolly Green Giant was P1$$ed to lose this from his shopping cart.

Punkin, in Miami, the answer would be, sadly, uh-huh.

Nah, he was just playing a practical joke. But whose doorstep did he leave it on and whose doorbell did he ring?

Thanks for the info, ec.

*note to self - pack flame-retardant TP for trip to Miami*

Someone tell Sasquatch that it was not necessary to bring his own toilet paper to South Florida. We didn't have a storm hit this year. So, there is not shortage of the stuff in the stores. Of course, by saying "no storm this year" I've probably jinxed us.

Please don't ignite the Charmin.

We'll need to redesign the TPeaShooter...

I didn't realize Charmin sold the "Jolly Green Giant" rolls to the public...

wow. sometimes it burns when I...

never mind.

ok...another case of crappy reporting! What is this used for??? WHO or WHAT has a butt this huge?

HUH?? huh??

*Refuses to go there*

That obviously goes next to the "Big John" toilet (complete with wings) that was blogged the other day.

SNORK @ Baron VonKlyff!

Dave, is this what y'all do for fun ... set Congressional-sized rolls of t.p. on fire?

A King Kong sized roll of Charmin.Not for your half-assed friends.


I'm pretty certain that that toilet paper isn't going to work very well in those lo-flo toilets.

Other questions surface like:

Was the TP scented? Did it contain Aloe? One-Ply or two-ply?

Again...sh!tty reporting.

And of course Toilet Behemoth WBAGNFARB or a Japanese monster movie.

Hey, nothin' to get all fired-up about.

all the sheep near King Kong are suddenly nervous

I sent this in....but when I sent it, there was no photo....that makes the difference

That roll would last my Brother-in-Laws family a week. My neice likes to cover her arm up to her elbow with an inch of TP around. She isn't allowed to flush anymore. I would make he rgo outside in the bushes if she were my child.

(Thanks the maker that we have cats).

JoG - so your niece wipes with her forearm? I am so confused....

Not to remove the humor, but if you want to know what that thing is...

It's called a parent roll. They are made at the paper mill and then sent to a converting plant which actually turns them into either toilet paper or paper towels. The converting plant loads those onto giant winders. As the paper unrolls it gets put into multiple plies, embossed, printed, perforated, and cut into the right size for actual TP.

I worked for Scott Paper/Kimberly-Clark in a converting plant for a couple of years.

Psst - Juggler - I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Nothing beats a Champion

Aha! Another blurker outed. There's no turning back now.

Welcome, Adora (ble?).

Kinda figured it was something like that.

Thanks for the welcome, Meanie. I've posted a couple of times, but mostly I blurk. I'd like to think I'm Adora-ble, but usually it's more like Adora-Bull. :p

Just thought people might be interested in the parent roll thingy. The first time I saw one I thought it was pretty wild. Some of it feels like paper and not toilet paper at all, though the super-premium stuff feels almost like cloth.

Welcome Adora!

And thanks for the info! I wouldn't have guessed.

Nice to meet ya, Adora.

See how easy it is to go from blurker to bloglit?

I used to be a blurker but then I...so now I'm a...but my name is still...nevermind.

Nice to meet ya, Adora.

Welcome, Adora!

That's the kind of educational information this blog is known fo... well ... anyway. That was almost a pogo-like response (he's another resident egg-head - and I mean that in the nicest possible way).

*smooches blurk* Darlin', you know we all like you. It's okay if you're pseudonymically challenged.

So am I Meanie, The only sane one in the family is my Brother-in-Law.

Welcome to our little corner of the web Adora.

I wonder if you can get this at Costco. One of my old college roommates could probably flush 1000 pounds of TP down the toilet in a week.

I wonder what this one will look like in the dump......

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