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October 25, 2006


The intellectual stimulation.


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Not certain really. Please explain again.

So, um, who is going to see the Simpsons movie?

The last thing I want to see is another OJ movie.

Simpson's rule!

*snork* at blue!

*groan!* at insom...

*pistols!* at dawn...

*water balloons* at 1:00 PM...

I'm going out to sit in a wading pool with a three-year-old now. Ttyl. :-)

*Cake and Ice Cream at 2*

You could make the duel a Too The Blood duel.

I was looking at the equation in C format. What exactly would I use that equation for? And how would I implement it? And what does it mean?

Simpson's rule can be derived by approximating the integrand f(x) (in blue)

Blue- I think you should be more careful on what you eat.

Mmmmmmm...... integrands f(x)........

*snatches Blue's integrands, slathers on some integers, slaps them between to integrals and chows down*

*waits an interval*


'scuse me.





intestinal fortitude breaking.

I might have gotten a job at the local college. I was told to try out. I was given an application for Programs Assistant. I doubt I will get that. but the temp stuff i can do.
They have robotic cameras filming classes for students. That would be a lot of fun.



D'oh! The obvious.

(Privacy recommended)



inttervines and changes the subject.

If you had a bizarre super power, what would it be. As an added rule, it has to be next to useless. Like a super sensitivity to pain.


(If I had just simulled with Blue at 8:39, we would have had obvious interruptus!)

My super power: I would be invisible to bees.

(I gleefully and unashamedly stole this idea from Lab Specimen a couple of years ago.)

...the ability to steal super powers from lab specimen...:)...

*inadvertently arrives a day too late, but still wishes to wish Neo a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!*


Neo, I’m not sure you’re old enough for this kind of card (you don’t look it if you are!), but it made me snicker a little, so I’m linking to it anyway.

Happy Birthday, Neo!


And...I have this uneasy feeling after clicking Blue's link that my computer just propositioned me, which is making me feel kinda weird.

*interrogates and interrs interested interlopers into international interpretive dance institutions*

Interpolation of ones birthday is never easy.

Buenos Anos de cumpli.

Hmm. I was getting cocky, thinking I'd managed to evade notice here and then I find you have plucked birdday wishes out of nowhere! I cry fowl! No old hen jokes allowed, not even a little biddy one! Still, thanks; you chicks set me all a flutter.

I just opened a present from my sister, including a gift card to one of my favorite restaurants Since I'm feeling a bit peckish, I think I'll fly the coop for a bit. (For some reason, fried chicken sounds really good right now!)

Sharon, of COURSE your computer just propositioned you. It wants cyber-s*x.

KFC is one of my favorite restaraunts.

I am feeling artistic. That idea came from watching a Bob Ross episode. He was drawing the Southwest deserts and it really hit me how I could do that.

Sharon- You know how to press its buttons, which is a real turn on for it.
It writes poetry in 1 and 0s for you.
Don't break its Hard Drive for it will never give you back your stuff.

And remember: It's monitoring you.

Of course it should realize that you are doing the same.
It likes looking deeply into the subtext of your mind. The Super Code that was written to create you.

I will stop now.

*gives Neo the bird*

......WHAT??? She said she wanted chicken!

No wonder the lure of the Kilt is so strong! I'm a sapiosexual!

Wait! WAIT! Don't follow that link!

ack ack ack!

The link I included was to the urban dictionary; I'd followed the link there as was sent to me by a friend via email.

A window popped up saying the my computer has tracked all the adult sites I've been to and therefore I might be compromised. (I don't go to "adult" sites.) I clicked the X at the top to close the window. Another window popped up saying that my computer had records of 422 adult sites visited. Click here to install this free software that will erase them. I clicked the X to close THAT window too. And the danged thing started to load itself onto my computer!

I quickly closed it, closed Firefox. And a little window popped up saying Symantec had blocked the thing from installing itself on my computer. Geez, how scary is that! I've been to Urban dictionary lots of times and never run into problems before!

I apologize profusely if I've led anybody into trouble!!

No fear here...I didn't click the link!

See...? I can TOO follow directions from time to time. :p

Hope your computer is okay there, neo!

jlh64x! 99gjy5? $$@NKVsbfgma~11skjcxx!!

Neo- i thought it was just some emberassing link. Like say, you in a bikini.
My best bet is this. You were on some other site. When you moved to Urban Dictionary it decided to turn on the pop ups.
My best bet is that you got some fairly ordinary popup that was taken over by a more insideous one. This does happen. Anyway, Make sure to do a virus search. They usually add all sorts of stuff as well, just to make sure they are still around.
I had something like that happen to me as well.

As for where the link actually lead. I myself am probably a Sapiosexual as well. Great wording too. Sapio from the word sophos but in action form. To view a woman as a bimbo is to not view her at all.

Neo in a bikini would be luscious, sexy, delicious, stunning, titillating (HEE HEE, I SAID...oh, never mind), riveting, alluring....but not necessarily embarrassing. That's an assumption I would not make.

*passes neo the sunscreen and an umbrella drinky*

Lookin' good, sistah. :)

neo, i got that same message, once on my home conputer and once on a school computer where i only check my e-mail and the miami herald website. so i suspected something was up. lately i also am getting a lot of "Friend (Classmate) (Worshipper) has sent you an e-card" that are really viri...

don't they know my worshippers are expressly forbidden from sending me e-cards? it's the 463rd commandment, people! remember goats or consumer electronics only !

C'mon neo, now ya gotta.

You could go to Lake Texoma and hit the beach (of course, the beach is about 20 feet under, right now).

... um ... so, insom' ... I'll cancel that shipment of the Sheepherder Special then ...

Well, since it has tried to load on bith my computer and clover's without clicking the link, I suggest we move the kilt.

If it comes up on yours, do not click cancel, click the x in the upper right and then shut down your browser and restart it.

Okay....why don't we move the kilt here? I'm rather fond of this day, I must say, and would like our new Kilt to be here!

*sends an electronic goat to Insom*

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