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October 25, 2006


The intellectual stimulation.


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What is it for? Inflatable Cheerleaders?

Oh...and FIRST

Yikes! And FIRST!

frickin' bot

Baron - inflatable cheerleaders would be a nice complement to the article's subject.

Yeah, but you couldn't call them airheads... that moniker is already taken by the real ones.

Why for how come can't we comment on "Japan - The land of beauty?"

We can't post on the Beer topic, Dave!

- H. Simpson

The land of beauty
Brooks no commentary now
Me So Asahi

I want a beer dispenser!!

Hey Dave.......

Are you and Santa still wheeling around on the coolermobile?

"Cause we can't seem to reply to the OTHER beer related post -

which, by the way, is very appealing - even now at 9:00 A.M.

They are playing Wisconsin. That's the Badgers, right? They definitely need the pen¡s when they play Oregon.

{Is there anyone who is NOT a Beaver fan?}

Who new a penis could be so much fun! Where can I get one?


My hubby is a Purdue Grad.

Now I know why I was drawn to him.....

Oh, and Steve - nice wood.

"But I do as a parent, as a donor and as somebody who pays tuition, I probably do have some views, but I think they are views which are personal in nature and really shouldn't take the vantage as the athletic director at this point in time."

Wow.. That man's mind cuts like a knife, don't it?

i like perdue chicken. does that count??

so, at the Indiana-Purdue game, the Boilermakers will have their tumescent totem pole and the fathers of the IU team will wear shirts saying "Hoosier Daddy"?

to think of what i missed by starting in community college...

Pretty wild, if you think about it. Seventy thousand people happy to see you.

only know one fight song...but it's for another indiana school...

cheer, cheer for our giant c*ck
when it's inflated, you'll no longer mock!
bringing smiles to our co-eds
with its giant swollen head
it could be equipped with some faux goo
(if we really wanted to)
Just distract 'em from the field
watching the pr*ck go 'wheeeee!'

Ohmigosh... no.... they're starting....THE WAVE!!!

Should be interesting when they play USC.

*SNORK* @ Meanie

*extends posterior to fully enjoy the wave*


Inflatable Penises...gnfaPUNKb? or is it Peni?

I always get those two confuzzled! not that I ever had to deal with more than one, mind you...ok..I'll shut up now...thank you.

there is no University policy that students would be violating by bringing the penises to the games

I'd hate to have to leave mine at home, just for a football game.

LOL Meanie!

imagine if those giant peni had a water gun attachment to spray people...

*Dares not to imagine the halftime marching band formations*

Not jus a water gun attachment, an oozinator attachment. Gotta be able to shoot bio-goo.

I went to UMass......we had "the Minutemen"

Enough said.

Sports announcer (who graduated from Purdue):

"Fourth quarter...10 seconds to go and the game is tied. The crowd is just throbbing with excitement. It's been an up and down game and it all comes down to this explosive climax."

*snork* @ Olo

lol, blurk...

I would just like to add The Exponent WBAGNFA math term, and W not BAGNFA scholl paper. Maybe they should name the paper the Oregonian or the Post-Dispatch instead.

"It's great," said Sandberg. "You see it pop up and you're like 'Oh, there it is again.' It adds some excitement because it's just a big (expletive) penis."

Sounds like a good candidate for the Marquette University philosophy program.

All penises are inflatable...hopefully.

I have one of those inflatable peni's...see, here is where you blow it up.....


The wife and I are also Purdue grads! Go Boilers!

"The University's spokesman, Joe Bennett, said there are plenty of ways to be entertained and he hopes students aren't getting entertainment from the inflatable penis."

This joke just kinda writes itself...

Isn't a big "fucking penis" an oxymoron?

twodogs, you owe Mary some sharpies.

And, no, I don't think it is.

twodogs - The 'F' verb implies that something is being slid into a hole. So what you have described could best be accomplished by having a nurse slide a Foley into you. As I have said over and over, some people are into that.

Steve - What year????

Punkin - 2006. You been drinkin' this morning?

Blurk - hardy har har.

(Don't mess with me before lunch - my blood sugar is low and I'm cranky)

Inflatable Penises...gnfaPUNKb? or is it Peni?

It's penes, Siouxie. Sorta like Penes From Heaven. Or Penes From Heavin', to get the pronunciation right.

psst blurk, her brain is frozen...

Uh-oh, Siouxie. You're gonna get it now.

*hands Punkin a Snickers bar and wishes Siouxie the best*

But, yes, Inflatable Penises wbagnfaPUNKb. Better than Inflatable Boilermakers, to be sure. That would have to be Blow-Up Boilermakers, perhaps.

And speaking of one of those other mascots, a friend went to a HS that used the beaver. The administration wanted to encourage students to excel, and would recognize a girl and a boy each week on a bulletin board in the lobby. Their pictures would be featured under a banner that read "Beaver Achiever Of The Week". Cluelessness is such an asset.

twodogsbarking...ho wdid he get the F-bomb in here?

*hiding now*

you know she loves me, blurk...she wouldn't...hurt me..right??

How can I hurt you, Siouxie, with my BRAIN FROZEN??????????

*needs a pixie stick, bad*

PUNKIN!!! my new BFF!!!

I swear your 'cranky' post wasn't there when I posted mine!

*throws Punking a chocolate-covered gumball*

what flavor pixie stick?? ;-)

oh and danceswithvowels..thanks for clearing the peni/penises/penes debate!

Used in a sentance:

I love penes al dente...

Siouxie - I've finished lunch and had cake for dessert. I'm feeling much better.

But I'll still take a chocolate covered pixie stick.

Or a chocolate covered pixie, for that matter.

Punkin, you're makin' me hungry.
Is 10:40 too early for lunch?

I'm thinking some blogguys should volunteer to go help Punkin warm up.

Siouxie - al dante means "to the tooth". No teeth please.

so true...dente (spanish is diente) I shoulda known...so sorry Layzee!

NO teeths!

Punkin, I don't think they make chocolate covered pixies...but we can ask Dave & Ridley.

Scott - Thanks, but I've got my own "space heater" - my hubby is the best. He even lets me put my cold piggytoes under his legs to warm them.

*is so in love w/ her hubby* :)

As someone who provides similar service (albeit in So Cal), yes, he's a good guy.

Punkin, does he have an equally warm legged and sweet brother/friend/co-worker/neighbor/live man for me?

just askin'

*will relocate for lust love*

I'll move over and make room, Siouxie.

Siouxie - He has only one brother - who is a jerk. They are total opposites. I wouldn't wish him on my worstest enemy.


But if you ever come up to Maine, I'm sure he'll let you warm your piggies, too.

Thanks Scott! if I'm ever back in SoCal...I'll bring my toes to warm ;-)

Awwwww Punkin...what a sweetie! you may need to defrost ME before though...

Punkin, I graduated in 1985, the Mrs. in 1986.

Penes al dente, Siouxie? Would you like Inflatable Meatballs with that?

They need to write "JOHN 3:16" on the shaft.

LOL at Meanie. Last time Perdue played USC, it was an epic matchup of Palmer vs. Brees. Palmer and the Trojans came out on top.

Chaz: You're right; I only imagined it with the "expletive deleted." I mean, what else fits? Sorry, hope my f bomb didn't offend. Yikes, I'm a mess.


*bumble tackles™ cloverleaf and gives her a smooch*

hiya, sistah!

oh, and fyi, i bookmarked this as "bozo's place"


This place is so dark! I'm not mowing this huge lawn! I'll bet the basement floods. I haven't seen any other people wearing kilts in this neighborhood......


Game on my blog. Actual prizes are possible.*

*"possible" does not mean guaranteed, or even probable, but eh, ya never know

*thwacks blue*

are you in need of a mojito, perhaps? ;P

KDF: please report to your blog and delete my first comment, which was accidently posted before i was done.

thank you, that is all.

I'm here! I brought insom!

Wish I could participate in KDF's game, but I'm going in to work early b/c whoever was supposed to open the store today didn't show up, and my manager won't get paid for working if she goes in b/c she's already worked her 40 hours this week. So, nice person that I am, I told her I'd go. But I'm going to find out whose fault this is and spray Eau de toilette in their eyes.



*drags self and all self's stuff into new Kilt*

*drops it all on the floor and falls onto the Couch 'o "My Body Is A Vile And Terrible Thing Today" with a floomph!*

*weakly raises one hand from prone position*

I'm here.........!


um, why are you movin self's stuff?

can't he do it himself?

Ha...this from the woman who said that joke was getting old....!

If you REALLY loved me you'd pass some of that tekillya over here.

ok, i meant "gettin old" as in, it's now a classic

as in, always funny

at least to me, but then again, i'm easily amused ;)

and c'mon sistah, ya know i love ya!



Beautiful spring day here, perfect for going to our beach house and ...... beating rugs, and other spring cleanup stuff. Just has to be done, but not without proper refreshment.

Thanks so much for the new Kilt; the other was getting just a wee bit snug around the hips.

Isn't the kilt the traditional garb for Cinco de Mayo celebrations?

Neo -- Yes!!!

Oh, wait... you said... never mind. :)

Corrected yes link for my above, improperly linked post.


Werks for me!

Worked for me too, but it was the wrong one!!!

*thwacks self*

(don't worry; just a little thwack)

Poor guy gettin' thwacked like that all the time. What'd he do now?

Just reading the link in the OP. I have to say, I find this quite fascinating..

"It's great," said Sandberg. "You see it pop up and you're like 'Oh, there it is again.' It adds some excitement because it's just a big (expletive) penis."

I thought (expletive) was one of the main functions of a penis.

ok, i had a late nite last nite, and just woke up, and haven't had coffee yet, but...

I thought (expletive) was one of the main functions of a penis.


that made me *SNOOOORK!*

mornin kilties :)

Morning, sg! Meet you on the swing, 'k? I'll bring the coffee.

Kaf - *SNORK*

*wanders over to swing*

C'mon, Kaffy, you too...it's where the sistahs meet. I've got the benie...begnet...bengi....donuts.

Sidenote: Kiltie men are always welcome, too, as long as they misbehave themselves and bring along a food and/or beverage offering. Aw heck, no offering required. Just everybody bring your ownselves and enjoy the morning air and good comp'ny. :)

*pops in*

Did someone say donuts?

Did someone say go nuts? I can do that!

Oh, donuts... well, yumm... n never mind!

*wanders over to where Sharon's swingin' with the sistahs*

*escapes from captivity*

*realizes, huge radiating mounds of final exams wait for him*


Moving announcement has been sent, and to avoid problems with the link I only provided a link to the y site, where there is a link to here. YAY! for the Y site to keep in contact with those busy folks who have little time to waste hang out at the Kilt.

whoo hoo!

sistah party on the swing!

beverages of your choice will be provided

and like kay said, kiltie guys are welcome, too. :)

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