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October 27, 2006


They are superb hunters.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Numero uno kitty?

Was going to use another noun, but my hand has been slapped enough...

I so wish our firewall let YouTube through.

*hides under desk and pouts*

It's the ink. Tastes like toad.


You are onto something big. The female equivalent of "Woody?"

Sheesh. Everyone's a critic. It was just a memo, not an article for Literary Review!

One of my cats LOVES to shed paper! Every now and then someone forget to shut the bathroom door, and we come back to a TP snowstorm. She likes newspapers, magazines, anything. Glad to see I csn stop taking her to kittie therapy.

"Honest, Mrs. Hooper. The cat did eat my homework."

Felines. Wo, wo, wo, felines...

--Morris (Albert) the Cat

Shedding paper, baligurl? I don't think that they had a shampoo to prevent that kind of shedding.

Dave, is this why you stopped your weekly column? Because a cat kept eating your column? Isn't that kind of a tired/old excuse?

On the other hand, I think this cat is really fed up with using kitty litter...he wants toilet paper, and he's desperate. That's the real explanation.

I so wish our firewall let YouTube through.
*hides under desk and pouts*
Posted by: The Dread Pirate Chris | 09:51 AM on October 27, 2006

ours did till last week....lame

My cat used to chase the mouse cursor all over the monitor screen, which meant that she was standing on the keyboard most of the time, waving her paws, batting at the screen. Pretty funny and damned annoying. Glad she got tired of it.

Hillary Clinton coulda used a couple of cats like that.

My cat does the same - which was really cute until I was printing proofs for a wedding I'd just shot - and the pix all had claw holes in them.

(Did you know cats are very aerodynamic?)

"cat punter"?!

Here we have a cat that chases the cursor then the curser chases the cat.

Our kitten (now grown to a cat) loved watching the screen saver - one of those ones that makes different shapes - on Mr. North's laptop which he thought was wildly hilarious until she decided to try to "catch" it and put a huge kitty scratch down the centre of the screen.

I thought that was hilarious but only because I'd been warning Mr. North for days.

Punkin, you shot a whole wedding?
What did that wedding do to invoke such viciousness?

*walks off mumbling, Geez, even I stick with two or three at a time"*

(Did you know cats are very aerodynamic?)

yes...everytime I throw one out of a window, it lands on its feet...

Yes, Cat Punter. I go for style, not distance.

(No PETA letters, please. Hubby is a vet, so he can make any neccessary repairs on the spot. Sheeeesh.)

Aerodynamic Cats WBAGNFARB

What does your husband's military service have to do with repairing cats?

Yes, I'm picking on you. ;P

He was a spy-cat repairer in WWII. Their little joints would wear out walking all over France, ya know.

Cats and computers DO NOT go together. For any number of reasons.

I do, however, still like cats.

back in high school, our little joints would wear out just standin' by the bridge. then we'd roll another.

i watched that entire video expecting the cat's paw to get caught. what a let down.

and *snorks* at wyo.

And now the cat has grown up and discovered a way to get into my husband's desk drawer where she shredded several legal documents to make herself a more comfortable place to sleep. We opened the drawer and there she was blinking up at us in an annoyed way indicated that we should leave her alone and let her sleep.

My kitty brought me a lovely little chipmunk the other night. She just forgot to kill it.

Man, those critters can RUN.

OMFG, that video was too damn funny!!!

I've had editors like that.

You all scoff, but I bet the cat owner has never been attacked by paper!

Anyone ever have a lotto ticket that the cat ate?
Yes, this did happen. And, it wasn't solely mine, it was an office pool's, which I was holding, because it was my turn. Fortunately, we had photocopies. Imagine trying to explain this mangled piece of pink & white garbage...

I think it's THE perfect shredder for the office.

In addition, my toilet paper rolls sit, within reach of course, on top of the towel rack. I have just gotten used to keeping them there.

is this cat the evil twin of the Copy Cat?

When I was in graduate school I was writing a 25 page paper. About 12 pages into it, stoopid me forgot to save. I stood up to take a break and watched in horror as the former Mrs. Layzee's cat jumped up onto the keyboard and stood on the backspace key. I was frozen in place as I watched page after page disappear. When I was finally able to scramble I learned for the first time just how aerodynamic cats are. Yes, the cat was the only thing I was happy to let her have in the divorce.

that was hilarious. but, i think the cat knows drivvel when he reads it, so he destroys it beforehand!

Heh, heh. I sent the link to a client, disguised as a report.


this guy has a kitty door that will not allow kitty to enter residence unless it is free of 'kitty bearing presents.'

quite amazing actually. prolly is related to the guy who invented the 'yankee clipper.'

sorry, html-fu is broken

OLC's link.

Oh, and if you need to give a cat a shot of insulin and you LIKE having your fingers still attached to your body, warm the insulin and syringe up in your hands for a minute or two before injecting. I'm still trying to ward off the curse my own kitty laid on me last weekend.

Now that is a seriously high-tech cat door!

One of our cats has a paper fetish. He's the only feline I've ever had who pukes up paper-mache.

One of the cats was sitting on my lap, mere inches from the printer while I watched this video. I distracted him so he won't get any ideas.

Their little joints would wear out walking all over France, ya know.

Cats do parfait? Hu gnu?

(I know ya beat me there Wyo ... still hadda say it ...)

Both my cats like paper, but the younger one is a lot more interested in it. She regularly shreds toilet paper. She's interested in the paper from the printer, but so far, she's a little nervous about it, so she waits for it to fall out of the printer before she pounces on it.

She also chews on the newspaper.

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