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October 31, 2006


....nobody will be able to say we didn't deserve it.

(Thanks to Nurse Tammy)


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I almost sent that one in.


Quick! Someone save that poor pooch!

the indian princess is my favorite. she looks possessed.

the indian princess is my favorite. she looks possessed.

i almost sent that too. but so upsetting. these dogs will soon gain their revenge. i'm not sure what it will be, but it may have something to do with a pooperscoop.

My mother was trying to tell me I resemble either Nurse Liesl or the Leia dog. My forbearance is legendary, as my mother still walks the earth.

Some of these owners will have poopy shoes in the morning.

If they have any shoes left, that is...

I think there are a few cats who will also be seeking revenge...

I loved Leah and Darth.

judi!!! THAT was the url we needed for the email I sent ya!

Good job, Nurse Tammy!!


Hey isn't that the dog from Men in Black?

If so, Maybe he picked the costume?

(sorry just saw Men in Black yesterday again)

it's not the dogs that scare me - it's the cats

you can tell the black one with glasses is already plotting the downfall of civilization as we know it

The odd-eyed white cat between the pumpkins (sorry, I can't remember the costume and my firewall just kicked in) looks like he's going to ensure the taker of the photo is about 5 seconds from death. I have two cats and an extremely "intellectually challenged" dog, and I would never dare dress them up. They'd find a way to get back, likely involving placement of a mouse (alive or dead--they wouldn't care) somewhere near me, probably while I was sleeping. Eeek!

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