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October 19, 2006


This blog responds: iGallop.

(Thanks to Sthnbelle)


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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh my.........

*pictures Blurk out buying horsies for all the bloglettes*

Wow! I could watch that video again and again and....no wait...I'm done.

Did anyone else see the shadowy figure of a um, uh, how do I say this, uh how bout Fully Functioning Male Appendage at the end of the video? Look at it again folks, tell me I really saw that. I'm not seeing things am I?

(mud - I'm thinking we may not hear from half the blog guys today as they will be otherwise entranced! Mud?..............Mud???)

I looked again. It's there, I tell ya.

Casey is right!!! If you freeze frame right around the company logo appearing, you can't miss it. There is no way that frame could that be an accident.

You can even stay in shape while at work with the office version:


Ouch. Beaten by Sthnbelle. This is not a complaint.

I want one too Punkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY Sbelle!

stevie's link...again!

I want one of those too ;-)

OK, can I skip the stool/saddle thingy and just order one of the logos? I think I could "ride" that even better than the stool/saddle thing. Ooops, did I type that out loud?



Mornin' everyone.

Morning blurk...check yer email ;)

And let's not forget the popular Hula Chair

casey - maybe it's spose to be a blimp???

Nannie - there is a blimp, but stop the video at 28 seconds...

Heh. I was one of the folks who got beaten by SG getting this in to Dave... I'm just glad to see it posted... shiny?

casey, I saw it too!

Okay, I've watched this thing like six times now, and I'm not seeing what you gals are claiming to see.

I think it's just a conspiracy to get us to quit looking at the models on "horseback."

Sorry, CH and fivver - Must have just been my turn...Poor Dave prolly gets tired of seeing my name in his e-mail box!

They actually sell this at the Brookstone at the mall near me - I could barely control myself watching the video they were showing (Yes, this video, or a version theroef)

CH, stop it at 28 seconds like fivver said..it's THERE! proudly pointing to the left!

The only thing I saw that looks like an appendage is in the model on the left's pants.

I'm still not seeing it.

maybe it's the resolution on your screen, nannie??

I saw it fine. it's like a shadow but it's definitely there @ 28 secs.

Okay, in the interests of open inquiry, I'll watch it one more time...

Not seeing it, still. Of course, it's a very complex image, with many distracting elements...

Thanks Souxie - maybe that's it, cause I've watched it, like, a kazillion times. In the interest of science, of course... (Can you say prurient?)

I mean Siouxie - sorry.

Oh great, NOW they invent this...if they had this 25 years ago, I wouldn't have had to get married...

Wow. I've been away from the blog for awhile. You new bloggettes are quite a frisky bunch.

And by the way, what is the real purpose of this thing supposed to be?

shredder, I think it is supposed to be some sort of ab exerciser...

(that's what they all say!)

it supoosedly tones your abs, butt, legs and if you go with all the um, gestures, you can also tone your arms

I'm so proud - this comes from singapore where i reside :)

And you can, errr, exercise with a partner, too!

On a related note: it seems to work on your slothful pets as well.


I think it may need a few detachable attachments, IYKWIM ;)

*SNORK* @ the CatGallop!!!

That cat didn't know what to think, but I'm guessing that at least some of it involved which parts of mouse to leave on mama's pillow tonight.

Uh, Siouxie... that's a different product; I've come across certain ambiguously-labeled links featuring it.

No, I don't remember what it's called. But it is quite expensive.


*saw one similar on a clip from a Howard Stern show featuring Carmen Electra getting on it and setting it to 100% vibrate*

oooooooooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Uhm, no the one I've seen couldn't be shown even on Stern, IYKWIM.

hmmm maybe it's not the same. This was kind of a pommel horse thingy you straddle and it had vibrating knobs in the front where you'd uh..sit or rub against. It also had settings from 10% to 100%.

pssst if anyone can't figure out what to get me for Christmas...

I saw the cat one - my kitten has that bewildered sort of look most of the time, too - but am still waiting for the 28 second + one to come up on the screen....

CH - I think that you are thinking of a Sybian Horse. Not that I know anything about them, or anything. I don't frequent those "ambiguously labeled" websites, except for purely scientific purposes, of course.

Exactly, BVK; that's the one.

Huh, so that explains the bumper sticker I saw that said "My Other Ride is A Sybian". Here I was thinking that was some European make...

I had to manually advance the time thing just past 28 seconds to see the "image". It would not automatically display. Maybe it wasn't up for that?

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