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October 26, 2006


They need Woody's.

(Thanks to ubetcha)


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peace, love, and just pull the pin.

sounds like somethin other than a deodorant spray, if ya ask me.

and ya didn't.

cool. haven't been here in days, and i was FIRST.


Hey Dave - Sorry to say, but I doubt HS will allow this grenade-like deodorant on the plane either.

But points to guys for trying to not stink.

hey, punkin...don't ya think us female-type persons would be more in need of a "woody"?

just a thought.

I'm full up. (tee hee) But I guess, in theory, you are correct, S-girl!

To quote Elaine: "I don't know how you guys walk around with those things."

1) I thought a woody was something else entirely.

2) So I don't need to shower or do my laundry? I just spray this cr@p all over everything? And this will get me a girl? I'm glad I had (and have) better hygiene when I met my wife.

*Sprays shirt*
*Waits for babes*

Why didn't anyone tell me it was so easy?

Apparently, before the spray, no one dared get close enough to you, Meanie.

MtB ... it's NOT this easy ... trust me ...

(considers buying this product for his son)...(remembers the "body wash" stank that his son prefers)...(throws up his hands)

*passes mud a towel, since he threw up in his hands*

wonders if there's a girlie version. not that i've ever taken a shirt from the clothes basket before, but you, know, just in case.

But, Punkin, I was following all the instructions on this. It was supposed to be sure-fire....

Oh Meanie. Poor, lonely Meanie.

Yea - a post for me!

I drive a fithy-figh wagon and we call it a Woody
Stench city, here we come
You know it holds all my laundry, it's an oldie but a goodie
Stench city, here we come
Oh well I load up the back seat with my old gym clothes
You better sit up front unless you dig b.o....

Mm-m-m-m... pheromones!

bwaaahaa, stevie. and dont guys always have woodies, or isnt that their aspiration for, like, all the time...... and the article crashed my internet explorer. boohoo.

I wonder if I can still get my money back on these Chick Magnets™. They haven't done diddly for me either.

Good morning all!! hmmm what's that smell???

*takes a whiff*

oh Meanie???? 'cmere ya sexy thang!!!

Whoa! I'm about to get a clue! 'Bout time, no?

"Wake up and smell the pheromones, Shrek!"

I understand the scent of In-N-Out works well, depending on your target.

pssst...Meanie...you don't need it to be s3xy ;)

If they dont have woody's shouldnt they get some Viagra?

I think this is an alternative for those with heart conditions, addicted.

Interesting that it's tested on politicians yet they all still stink.

For some reason I feel tempted to buy this product and start spraying random things (dogs, trees, cars, goats) and then see what happens.

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